It not the end....

I am a 13 year old girl I find life very very hard I have depression anger ment problems and extreamly bad anxiety.
When my problems play up I attempt suicide, run away from home or cut myself, I have even been threatened to go into a hospital for help, I do see a doctor but to tell the truth I really don't think they help. As you know I cut but when I get really bad I will threaten to kill other people around me, I have never done it but have attempted. When I have calmed down I feel really bad, I use razors all all sorts to cut myself I cut words into my led for e.g fat, ugly, retarded etc , just as everyone else calls me at times. My friends are all really surportove but I don't think they help one bit, as much as I love them all. I have starved myself for 2 weeks before untill I got admitted to hospital. I have blood stains all over my bed, I also had them on my wadrobe untill one of my besties got really susposious.

Anyway when I'm happy, I'm the best girl you will me, I'm the piece that's missing , if it be heart or friendship :D

Nov 23, 2012

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  • You are a ridiculous attention seeker. Quit wasting everyone's time.

  • I started having issues with social anxiety, insomnia, and addiction to cutting when I was around 12. I'm 21 now and the urges are much weaker and less frequent. I have several other bad chronic health problems so I do have suicidal thoughts A LOT, but now that I'm older I feel more in control. Good luck

  • One day things get better.. I know :)

  • U sound like a very nice person lol but I don't under stand why your so sad :(

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