Young empath in need

I am a 15 year old empath. I go to westview hs and have lots of other psychic friends. I am not however like other empaths, i have tons of apathy. Like today was my stepdads funeral after he comited suicide and i didnt feel anything at all. Yet when at school ill get angry and sad and happy all the time. Its becoming dificult even with the artifacts i use to keep my abilities in check. Any ideas on how to stop this with out me getting migraines?

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  • Why are you trying to act like you're in f***** X-men or something? You're not special dude, maybe its not your empathy,maybe its the fact that school is a an adolescent hodgepodge of emotions, drama, and genral suckiness and funerals are boring and quiet. Artifacts? Never heard of any kind of Psi user who needs an object to channel or control their passive abilities, psionics and magic are not the same thing dude. Maybe if you f****** practiced instead of whining about it you wouldnt be such a weak-minded psionic p****.

  • Feeling numb at a funeral is normal. When my dad died I didn't feel anything for a long time.

  • Well i use things that other people hold dear to them like a family airloom. It always blocks out the emotions of the family it is from

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