Fed up

I'm so f****** sick of fake people. My uni is f****** full of them and its driving me insane. They're all s***** preppy bastards that pretend to give a s*** about eachother when they realy don't give a f***.
today I had to break down in front of one of my 'friends' for them to even know that there was a problem.
Some of the others are just too f****** wrapped up in some d********* hat doesnt treat them right to realise that there's a friend around that does give a s*** and is being randomly ffucking left out for no reason.
So it's a different block but we live f****** metres apart and so unless you need an understanding friend and s***, I dont f****** exist.
Fed up of only being visible when you need a f****** favour.
I'm done.
I just wish there was genuine people I could go home to but there really isnt

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  • Search.
    Search for some one like you.
    Some one real.
    People will be people but that doesn't mean you have to be around them.

  • Sounds like a lot of people at Uni. Always cockheads that think they're f****** jesus but in reality they're just a*******. The good thing is that as you get older these p***** drop off the radar and you'll end up haning out with people that give a s***. People you actually want to spend time with. It'll settle that's for sure, there are a******* everwhere but as you get older you'll filter them out and run you own race with people that are worth running with. Trust me, been there and f****** done that.

  • What this person wrote is so on the money and what I experienced in life too.

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