I'm pregnant with twins.. one boy and

I'm pregnant with twins.. one boy and one girl. I'm secretly afraid that each twin has 2 different dads cuz i slept with my ex boyfirend and a guy i met at the playground (i was there with my nephew, i'm not a little kid) in the same week that i got pregnant. i that happened on tv once on "strong medicine" i know tv isnt real, but i still dont know who my babies daddies are. but hopefully i can tell when they are born cuz one of the guys is white and the otherone is black.

p.s. birth control doesnt always work, even when u take it like u should. that is how im in this mess

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  • LOL you are a s***!

  • I think you should sell your story to one of the supermarket mags and use the proceeds to benefit your kids. Or to move far, far away.

  • my sons father is black and he was as white as me for the first year.you may not just be able to tell.

  • Its not the pills fault that you slept with two different guys.. its your fault that your in this mess, can't blame it on anybody else. You made your bed, now you have to lay in it.

  • psst! taking the pill sucks. im sure u have learned that by now, but, i highly suggest just bringing condoms with you.

  • Although I don't think the possibilities of it are high unless you slept with both guys within the same night, in a short span of time. Most multiple ovulations occur around the same time.

  • sorry, the website for the article is


  • yes it is possible... http://www.dnacenter.com/media/twins-different-fathers.html I live in Cincinnati, and I rememeber hearing about this story

    Fraternal twins are formed when two separate eggs are fertilized by two sperms. If a woman has contact with different partners within her fertile time period and has multiple ovulations, it is possible for her to have fraternal twins or even triplets with different fathers. This phenomenon has been dubbed in medical literature as heteropaternal superfecundation.

    Educate yourself

  • You can't have twins that have 2 different dads. It's not physiologically possible.

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