I hate my husband's family!!!

I hate my husband's family! I'm not perfect and believe that WE all come from dysfunction. All families are dsyfunctional, but my husbands family takes the First Place Ribbon for dsyfunction. His nephew's a convicted rapist! And we're all suppose to not talk about it and turn our cheeks. His other nephew has been in a secret marriage for 6yrs with a woman that lives in another state. In addition, he lives on his parents money, but works 7days a week to support his secret wife and all of her family in Mexico. And my husband's brother, the father of these 2 idiots, is even worse. He's been cheating on their mother now for about 2 yrs to a woman in another country. We all know about all this and we're just supposed to turn the other cheek. My husband also has a 14yr old niece that looks like she's about 9yrs old. And we just found out that her mother is allowing her to date a 22 yr old man. Or should I say child molester. The father knows about the relationship, doesn't like it, but doesn't do a damn thing. EVERYONE else in my husbands family also are equally, if not, more f-up! I can say that I really hate everyone in his family! I've been married to my husband for almost 13 yrs now and it's getting worse and worse each year. My husband and I have such a great relationship, but when something in his family happens or calls us with s*** that they did or need help getting out of, they always call us. And my husband never says no. I hate having to "emotionally" support such hideous behavior. It's very natural that my husband is effected by their troubles and feels guilty if he's not there for them. And I understand and somewhat support his eagerness to be there for them because that what family is suppose to do. But what the f? These people need to jump off a bridge!! I can't take it anymore! They make me want to jump off a bridge. And the worse, worse, worse thing is- as f***** up as these people are, they are all extremely arrogant and think they're God's gift to humanity. Especially, the rapist and his father. We have a family business and they only hire young, pretty girls with zero skills to work in the customer department. And if you're unattractive (regardless of your skills and ability) they treat you like crap. My husband recognizes their faults and does not support their behavior, but he's the one they call when these a******* are sues for sexual harassment, or if the little 14yr old dating the child molester has a pregnancy scare. My husband was also asked to help the child molestor find a job. He was asked to help his nephew find a lawyer to divorce his secret wife. This kind of stuff is ongoing and constant and extremely f****** exhausting for me. It is my dream to find out that my husband is adopted. Every night I wish for my husband to be Adopted. My only wish....

Jun 5, 2012

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  • Some in-laws were born to be out-laws.
    If you do not measure up to their 'futile standards', you are nothing to them.
    If the mother in law passes away, you then have to tolerate and put up with their daughters nonsense. That's if they have daughters - if not you are lucky!
    The lies, constant abuse, narcissistic behaviors, non trusting natures, gas lighting, mental torture of constantly being put down, not being made to feel welcome: just makes me want to scream and run away.
    Hope you have enough courage to tolerate all of this crap because I have had 30 years of it and sometimes wish they would disappear for good. If you are not their creed, they certainly do not go out of their way to make you feel welcome.

  • In-laws suck

  • Hope you are well and found your husband was adopted.

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