A little attention is nice when you are a 48 year old woman

I am 48 and never dreamed I would be an exhibitionist at my age.

After I aged past 40, men didn't stare at me anymore. I felt like yesterday's news, unwanted and with the s** appeal of a wart. It is hard getting old when you were beautiful as a young women and all the men couldn't take their eyes off your face and body and one day you wake up and nobody wants you. Not even a husband of twenty years who ran off when a woman young enough to be his daughter.

Here's how I recently became an exhibitionist. I was in my bedroom with just my bra and panties on and had forgot to pull down my shades because I had been drinking a little too much and feeling sorry for myself.

I caught a glimpse of someone looking at me out of my next door neighbor's window. Shocked, I shut off the lights in my bedroom and peeked out my window and saw my neighbor's 17 year old son walking away from the window in his underwear. I knew he had been watching me. I couldn't believe that handsome young kid with his hard body was l****** after me, and to be honest, it felt good to be desired.

Now every night I leave my shades up and strip down to nothing to give the kid a show. I took a long time drying myself off after a shower for the kid's viewing pleasure. I know he was masturbating as he ogled my body. I got so hot over that when I shut off my mights I brought myself off with some big o******.

Maybe what I am doing is wrong. Maybe I should be more mature and responsible, but no one is getting hurt and it feels so good to have someone desire me at my age when most of my looks are gone and my body isn't what it used to be. And it makes me so hot being seen naked by that h**** kid with the hard body. mmmmm.

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  • Not a problem, and, very hot. My still-hot, fit-bodied older sister, in her late 40s (but looks about 35), loves to be seen, exposed, and enjoyed. She'll leave the side window of her bedroom uncovered when she's dressing or doing her hair, naked, out of the shower, so the neighbor kid (studly, even I'll admit) can zero in on her. She also has a habit of laying out topless or naked on the pool deck, which sits, perfectly, in view of his window. I've seen him there, chatting her up and enjoying the show tons of times. Have even stopped by with friends of mine just to have her looked at and them get a show. She's told me a few times that she loves it.

  • Would love to hear more about you

  • Age is just a number and mature women are very sexy!

  • Age is just a number and mature is very sexy!

  • Nothing wrong with that. You're having a good time and you know he's enjoying himself. I'd love to hear more about this.

  • Hey baby there is nothing wrong with you showing a little skin off to a young peeping tom, especially if it makes you feel good about yourself and at the same time is getting the young dude off. more power to you baby!

  • I would kill for a chance to f*** you silly. I love when an older woman acts sexy and slutty. If I was that guy, I would dive through your window, throw you on the bed, and pound you.

  • LOL OMG get it girl there is nuthin wrong with what your doing you didn't put a gun to his head and made him look

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