Sister in law

I was partying at my house late one night when my brother got into argument with his wife at the time. after a while she returned to the party and began to follow where ever i would go around the party.. later that night i went off to bed as usual not thinking anything of it. Next is where it gets weird. i heard her come in my room and my first thought was all the beds must be taken. so i let her lay down with no objections and proceeded to drift back into sleep.. the nextthing i know i feel one smooth leg straddle on of mine. this is when i started to feel uneasy.. All of a sudden i then feelher hand playing with my d***.. i was 17 and she was 24 so i felt like i couldn't say no to her.. she then proceeded to put my hand in her pants because i was frozen with uneasiness .. long story short she then pulled all of her clothes of and mine and began riding my d*** like it was the last one on earth.. the nex t morning she pleaded withme not to tell anyone and i acted like i was so wasted i didn't now what she was talking about.. what should i have done?

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  • You did exactly the right thing. She needed someone other than her husband that night and she chose you. Now she's sober and that whole episode is over. Remember it fondly for a moment and then put it out of your head.

  • You should have kept hitting that, and you should still be hitting it. You should go back to her and tell her, "Look, honey, I know you want this kept quiet, but there's something I want, too, so we need to work out an arrangement where we both get exactly what we want." You ought to be on that every time the opportunity presents itself. If she's that hot, you need to be on it, hitting it repeatedly. You've found a gold mine, dude, and you should be mining it. The fact that she's your sister-in-law just makes it hotter........for both of you.

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