Last Friday Night

So last Friday night I ended up going to three parties in a row. Didn't end up crashing until 5am. At the last party I met this girl, (straight beautiful blonde), and proceeded to talk to her and share me drink. Then I asked her into the bedroom so I could hear what she was saying (can't believe she fell for that). So we're in the bedroom, I close the door, she's on the bed and I kiss her. Okay first of all, I'm two years older than her and am somewhat coming to terms with my gayness. Anyways she was just really nice and honestly just part of my experiment.
So I kiss her and she's like "what are you doing?" and I was like "you are so beautiful". She giggled then said we should JUST make out (as I was taking off her shirt), and she giggled again. Okay we were both really drunk, but I knew from the first time I laid eyes on her (earlier that night) that I wanted to sleep with her.
Anyways we're making out, I ask her to help me unlatch her bra, she giggles and does, then I kiss her all over (I'm still fully dressed), then she helps me take her pants off. I then go down on her, but at that point I was going in and out of consciousness and also there was like no communication between us whether she was enjoying it or not. After about 15 mins of us fooling around, I hear my friends come through the door, and (I think, but vaguely remember) I ran out of the room and sat on the coffee table in the living room. Then I kind of remember her sitting on the couch and then others have said I like sat on her lap and proceeded to make out again. (don't remember much). I feel bad though because she was really sweet, and didn't really seem gay just drunk, and I mean I was drunk too, but I'm ACTUALLY into girls. And I barely even knew her name, and now that we've met I'm bound to run into her considering we party with the same friends. The next morning we crossed paths and were like "hey" then her friends kind of guarded her all morning. Awkward. Anyways I feel bad, especially since she was a sophomore and I'm a senior. Aaahh, like what do I do? She was really sweet and I should of listened to her and just made out. But she did help take off her own clothes. Idk, I can't stop thinking about it, and how good she tasted. :(

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  • You need to work on your oral skills if she wasn't reacting much.

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