I wanted to, but he didn't

When I was a freshman in college my roommate and I were invited to a party of some college guys and we went to their apartment. There were lots of people there, mostly older than us. One of the guys there latched on to me and didn't let me out of his sight. Even when he had to go pee, he made me go with him, but I didn't watch. If he sat down, he pulled me down on his lap, if he went outside he took me with him. My roommate was busy with another guy and when the moment that we were together again in the kitchen she asked me how I had managed to get a boyfriend so fast.

Around midnight, things were getting busy with lots of necking and he wasn't going to be left behind. He sat me down on his lap and wouldn't release my face until I let him kiss me, he held me and kissed me and frenched me, and while he was frenching me he pushed his hand under my shirt and bra and started to feel me. I took his hand out from under my shirt at least six times, but as soon as I let his hand go it was back under my shirt. I finally just gave up.

I could feel him getting hard under my leg, and rubbing himself against me and I tried to move away from his p**** but he wouldn't let me. He was very hard, and he stopped kissing me and pushed me to stand up and he got up and took me onto the carpet where he proceeded to pull my pants down and pull off his pants and he didn't even ask permission or anything, he just got on me and penetrated me and proceeded to have me. I wasn't the only girl on the carpet, there were others, but not my roommate. I couldn't see her from where I was laying and found out later that she had left the party with the guy she had met and gone to Denny's.

After that night I was his date for the next two years until he finished graduate school and left to go to work. When I finished college I moved in with him, I wanted to get married, but he didn't. He broke my heart, after all that I gave him, he wanted to be free and not get married. I married another man several years later, but even then he didn't come to my rescue. Now he wishes he married me, but it's too late, I am married and have kids and they aren't his, which they should be.

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  • Dating someone for 2 years while in college and even moving in with him thereafter is a big deal.I don't think you got used;I think the guy freaked out that the relationship was working and wanted to buy more time to enjoy it or wasn't ready for marriage as you were.It does not seem to me like he used you.
    I hope u don't leave current hubby for this guy,he snoozed and lost.If he thought u were it,he should've married you then.Hind sight is 20/20 but if you really think about it,your kids are not his and cannot be or were never meant to be.If you don't feel it with current hubby,just divorce him marry ex and have more kids for him. Best of luck

  • Looks like you got used and abused...sucks to be you.

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