Confessions of a hacker......

I am a hacker. I go into your personal files and browse around till I'm content. I setup remote-access through various exploits, scripts, & custom program that I've created. I NEVER use anything that I discover for personal gain and I NEVER cause harm to anyone's machine. I think I have a problem now... I'm almost 30 and I've been crazy with computers since I was only 7! The problem is that now everything is getting waaay too easy for me to get into and I CAN'T STOP! I am a part of Anonymous and I believe in what they/we do (to an extent) but I just can NOT bring myself to be destructive. I fear that I have an addiction worse than any drug in the world. When I see a computer; I immediatley want to jump on it and exploit everything that I possibly can without fear of being caught or even that I may be doing the wrong thing!

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  • I wish hackers were murdered at the stake. teaching kids to hack at 11 is really bad for the world. would you give a kid a loaded gun so why teach them coding and hacking too young?

  • Thought about that, but if you knew what I knew about what the FBI does.... it's (sometimes) worse than working for a terrorist! I know more about their system(s) than most of the people working for them do..

  • work for the good of man...ever thought of joining the FBI? salary is good, lots of evil to combat

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