Utterly pathetic

I am alone on my birthday. After speaking to my children - who are with their dad today - I cried and actually, for the first time, seriously contemplated ended my life. When does it get easier. When will I feel less sad.

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  • Start exercising and start up old healthy hobbies. Start doing things you fear. Thrilling things with people you enjoy. Read, write, be silly. Reach out to someone in need. Volunteer in the community and try to avoid those empty activites which may cause you pain. Try and find your love and passion for each moment and build on it. Protect it and im sure youll find your way. Best wishes and only you truly know what you deserve and it is usually a lot more than what people can give you. :-)

  • It can suck being alone on your birthday. But it has its advantages. You're having time away from your children. Sometimes its just good to get away from them for a while. Have a bit of me time. You can watch some movies, have a night in. Or you can go out with some friends for dinner. Do what you enjoy the most. It doesn't have to be sad. Not all birthdays will be super exciting anyway. I have had a fair few birthdays alone too. It happens. It's not embarrassing.
    If you have depression though I would seriously think about going to see your Doctor or talk about your problems with a counsellor/close friend. If you don't your behaviour will not only affect you on a daily basis but also your children becuse it will reflect onto them.
    I'm not sure if you are a single mother but I know it's sure as h*** hard being one. You have your bad days where you feel depressed and just wish the day will be over with but you also have your good.
    Think of how your children will feel to know their mother has ended her own life. I'm sure they will miss you very much. They see you as a role model in their life too. You will miss out on them growing up and getting married as well as so many other treasured memories if you're not around.
    It does get easier as they grow up. You will recieve loving gifts from them, they will learn how to live independently and before you know it your kids will have moved out.
    Be strong! And if you really think you can't cope or take it anymore TALK to someone. Don't end your life though there's so much to live for!

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