Totally addicted

On the night of the Fourth, my girlfriend and I went out to the lake with a large group of our friends to see the city fireworks. While I was standing in the drink line, I met a woman named Jenna who is thirty years older than me. I'm 21, she's 51 (my parents are only 39 and 40), and my girlfriend is 19. We started talking and kept talking for a long time, and then kept running into each other during the show, although the last three times that happened it was because I went looking for her. She said she was with her husband, and she knew I was with my girlfriend, but we decided to meet up the next night at a bar in town and we did. We started kissing and making out almost as soon as we saw one another that next night, and we wound up going to my best friends apartment and throwing him and his roommate out so we could be alone (we couldn't go to her house on account of her husband, and we couldn't to where I live because it's with my parents), and as soon as they left we tore each other's clothes off and went crazy on each other, and she was better than any woman I ever had in my entire life. The guys came back after three hours so we had to stop then, but we said we would meet up again the next night, and we did that, and we have been together every night since then. I had been talking to my girlfriend about getting married soon, but now I don't want to even see her anymore: I just want Jenna and she is all I can think about, all day, every day, until I see her at night and we have s**. I'm a complete addict for Jenna now, and last night I told her I love her and she said it to me too. So, now I'm even thinking about asking her to leave her husband and her family and marry me, because that's how much I love her and want to be with her and I just can't stand not having her. I know the ages are a problem (my parents will s***!!), but that's how I feel about her: there's no way I would ever be able to not see her anymore. I have to have her and she wants me the same way, or so she says to me and I believe her.

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  • The power of a p****. Oh boy. You will learn later in life boy.

  • I guess I'm actually one of the "old broads" mentioned here, and I offer my experience for whatever it's worth. Through our forties and early fifties, a group of girlfriends and myself made a mad run through the bars in our city and suburbs, hooking up with guys in their late teens and early twenties: high school and college aged boys. Sometimes we got laughed at, but far more often we'd connect with whoever we wanted, and I mean whoever. Our hormones were waning but sparking as they went, and we were f****** like the proverbial crazed b****** in heat, and doing that multiple times each week. Part was boredom in our marriages, as well, or silent revenge against inattentive or disinterested husbands. Whatever.

    For the most part, the boys were cooperative and pliant, and agreeably disposable. But now and again one would fall in love, particularly while being serviced in ways, and being taken to sexual heights, he had no idea even existed. This always proved painful, for us and for the boys, and we struggled with how to deal with the issue: telling them up front that "a f*** is just a f***, honey" or "I can only give you tonight" didn't solve the dilemma. Finally, the solution we arrived at was this: when a boy "fell" for one of us, one of the others would "run into" the happy couple when they were out somewhere, and girl number two would seduce the boy, f*** him, maybe several times if the attraction for girl number one was intense, and then spill the beans (so to speak) to girl number one who'd been trapped by his affection, leaving him in a caught-cheating situation that would allow girl number one to pry him off her, and leaving him with nobody to trap. It was far less painful to everyone concerned than trying to end a relationship that really was never a relationship to start with. I will admit that early on, I told several of my young conquests, while in flagrante, that "you f*** so much better than my husband, I'd divorce his sorry old ass in a New York minute just to stay on top this hot young c*** of yours", doing it as an encouragement. But I soon stopped making or expressing comparisons like that, even when one of them asked how he compared to my husband: it was just too risky to put ideas in their precious little heads that might lead to something serious.

    Why am I telling you all this? Two reasons. First, you need to know that, no matter what this woman tells you, the great likelihood is that she is just out for fun. A fling. An affair. Maybe even a long-term thing on the side. There's nothing wrong with any of that, of course, not at all: you just need to know that she's almost certainly not as serious about you as you are about her. And second, if you find yoruself approached out of the blue by another woman of her general vintage, a woman who seems more interested than circumstances support, she may be a spy for your Jenna, and a means of ending the relationship. For your sake, and for Jenna's, I hope I'm wrong on both counts, and that the two of you have found or created something like true love, and that you can sustain it forever. And for myself, I'd like to think that a man your age could keep a woman my age interested and satisfied and just f****** hungry. But I think the odds are long.

  • yeah, and Ashton thought Demi was going to be good for life also...enjoy the affair...f*** her brains out...but, don't ask her to leave her husband....because she won't....

  • There's really nothing half as sexy as an old broad who goes out and sport-f**** young guys while her oblivious husband waits at home. Nothing. Seriously, there's no hot blonde stripper with a huge set of implants, no nymphomaniacal high school senior with an itch in her puss, no newly-wed redheaded golddigger who can hold a candle to an over-sexed, c***-hungry old broad in heat for lost youth.

    Enjoy yourself, and enjoy the education she's giving you. But don't get your hopes up that you can get her to leave permanently: believe me, dude, that s*** is not on her agenda. And if you don't believe me, ask HER. She will totally tell you.

  • i think youre kidding yourself, frankly, but everybody is entitled to a little rationalization, arent they?

  • Jenna sounds like a totally hot and nasty piece of ass for an older gal, or maybe for a gal of any age. She's a little old for my taste, though I admit to having shagged several gals in their early 40s, and two of those over a lengthy period of time. The s** drive of a woman typically lasts longer in life than that of a man, and god bless them for that simple fact. Plus, many of them become more adventurous and more inclined to do more trick-f******, which is another reason to love the older trim.

  • very nice
    but this is nicer :P

  • Good s** is chemistry and emotion. Those things can last, but you can't have s** ALL the time. And you may sing a different tune in ten years when you are thirty and she is sixty-or when you are forty and she is seventy!
    If you can't see good s** 'getting old'-just wait. But its your life. It may be moot because she may not want to leave her family for what she may think of as a fling.

  • DITTO!

  • I want to be Jenna.

    Will still be as magical when you're officially together?

  • I know it's because having Jenna is still new and I'm optimistic about things in general, but I believe that you totally CAN be Jenna with your own boyfriend. I mean, I don't know how old you are or where you might go to find him or even what age you like or if you know for sure about that, but this kind of love is out there in the world: it happened for me when I didn't even go looking for it, but if you go look for it yourself I have to believe that you will find it. As for your other question I think that answer is yes because I just do NOT see this s** ever getting old or boring or see us ever stopping it whether or not I can get her to leave her family for me. Either way we are going to keep doing this and it's going to be just like magic for both of us. Thank you for your message and for being so nice.

  • don't let good s** determine your future partner boy.

  • Your parents will kill you,boy…

  • I know: that does bother me, but then I think about what I have with her and the worry sort of goes away.

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