Forbidden crush

So I am a young married man. I have a wonderful and understanding wife. She is my ideal woman and everyday, my love for her grows and I feel so passionate for her.

Now, she has gone to visit her family overseas for a few months. While she was away, I realized I developed a crush on a co-worker. I am not sure if this crush developed due to my wife's absence or not. I have always been faithful and never tempted to cheat on her. And I intend to keep it that way.

But each passing day, I begin to intensely fall for this co worker of mine. I am not exactly sure what draws me to her. If I have to say, I find her adorable (she is not much younger than me), and we somehow get along really well. She laughs at my jokes and she confides in me about her troubled life. She has already admitted she trusts me more than anyone in my city (she has been in my country for only 2 years).

She has a second part time job and she has asked me to visit her when I get a chance. I do cuz I am NUTS for her.

I am amazed at her smile. And I find myself singing sappy songs alone at night.

What I am saying is... I don't want to cheat on my wife. But I don't know what to do. A part of me wants me to tell this woman who drives crazy how I feel and her boyfriend lives in her country. Hmm... But I want to have a "What if" scenario with this lovely friend of mine just for one night. I am 100% confident I won't leave my wife for her but I worry about consequences for her life and mine. Please advice me.

I really want a night with her, no s**, just let her know how special she is and if in another life, she would probably possibly be my girl?

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  • No no no no. Here's a story:

    Once upon a time, I had a boyfriend for a long time. He had introduced me to his best friend and from the moment I saw him, I was attracted to him secretly. However my boyfriend and I had a great connection as well and I cared for him.

    One month, my boyfriend went traveling with his parents. Leaving me alone to see his friends. I noticed my attraction to his best friend (Cody) growing more and more. When he got back from traveling though, it died down.

    Years passed. My boyfriend and I eventually broke up and I had just recently started talking to Cody once more. I finally told him my attraction (he said the feeling has always been mutual) and we ended up having s**. I thought it would fulfill a fantasy: finally f****** the forbidden man. But the s** was just okay, and he and I are still friends. Moral of the story: it's in your head. Wait until your wife gets home. Don't see this other woman, it's probably not as magical as you think.

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