I feel gutted & betrayed friend or foe?

I'm so humiliated ! I feel gutted & betrayed. I developed this cool rapport, connection with someone. I'd classify them as a "caregiver" of sorts- bound by some form of ethics right? Well...nothing in the "sexual". Nothing like that, but none the less... Someone I admired & trusted!
Some how this person found out about a site I visit.... & the entire staff started going (not this site). I don't know if this person confided in a friend... & it went from there, but part of my name is all over the site! They r discussing me on the site....!!!!!

Today... They r all staring at me.... They all know my most painful private thoughts. I can never go back.

I'm now the one accused of not caring, playing games, s******* w/ emotions. I didn't even know this person knew I went there!!!!
It's all a big joke to them! How could I be so damn stupid?

So... I need to cry! But it won't come. I have a lump in my throat, chest pain.... My heart is broken!
What is wrong with people???? I saw this person as a friend.... Really I did! Nothing more, nothing less... Can't explain it.... We just clicked! So, I've lost that! I've lost my self respect, I've lost my privacy , my caregiver!
Accused of something... That wasn't true! That wasn't meant to b dirty. Is this person friend or foe? I think it was done on purpose!!!

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