14 Year Old Girl

1. I have anxiety disorder and OCD
2. Depression triggered it when I was in the third grade
3. My parents divorced and we immediately moved across the country
4. They divorced because my dad was a cheater
5. I met my stepmom one day when my dad came to visit-I was told that they were getting married the next day.
6. I can't talk to my dad about anything
7. He will never know that I'm bi
8. I have a therapist for the anxiety and I take Zoloft every day
9. I m********* to girl on girl
10. I'm in love with a girl
11. A few guys are in love with me
12. I am completely grossed out by guy parts
13. The only people I've kissed were girls
14. I'm terrified of failure
15. This past year I tried to binge and purge. I wear a size zero now and I obsess about my weight constantly
16. I know I have a problem, I just don't want to stop. I love being hungry.
17. My goal is 80lbs
18. My friend's dad was all over me at a sleepover- I went home early and I haven't talked to my friend since
19. My best friend growing up was a lesbian. We would pretend she was the boy and I was the girl and we would pretend to make out. I didn't know that wasn't normal
20. I wish people hadn't screwed the world up so much


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  • 21. I'm so incredibly self-centered I walk into light posts because I never see them in time.

    Good lord little girl, I hope you've grown up a little in the past 6 years. Yeah, the world is screwed up... and unless you've stopped staring into every single reflective surface you walk by you're probably contributing more dumbness to the world as I write this.

    The main reason it's "screwed up" is because everyone is all about themselves while crying that no one else pays them any attention. Got a solution to that, or are you gonna spend the next 30 years posting listicles about yourself?

  • Harsh but true

  • I'm 14. I m********* to girl on girl. I hate myself for it. I've thought about killing myself so it would stop. I also pretend I'm really into Christianity around my dad.

  • It's nice to know I'm not the only one...
    (I'm the one who posted this)

  • men cheat...better get used to it...it won't change soon...oh, and so do lesbians

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