So my mom is with this guy she's been with him for about 5yrs . The first two were okay , untill he hit her while
Holding his newborn daughter my sister . My mom took him back the next day . After that he's always threatens to hit her and takes to her like a child. If she gets him mad h*** yell at her to get out the rep or go upstairs . He always throws in our face that he works and pays bills . Like noone asked him to do that my mom had a job but he made her quit because he thought she would cheat on him . He doesn't like when she's with her friends and she's scared of him so she doesn't have any social life besides her sisters.who she only talks on the phone with . I hate the way he treats my sister that's not his , he yells at her for everything and she's only 6 .
My mom just makes things worst because she yells at us (me&mybrother ) for everything . Because shes so scared to say something when my stepdad says something so she holds it in until we do something then explodes . I don't stay shut either . When she says accuses me of stuff I correct her . When she gets mad she curses me out and calls me eveyname in the book . And then expects me to be fine 20mins later and talk to her . Like I'm sorry but I can't do that . And my step dad doesn't like when I go out . He wants me home all the time . I'm 15 yrs old with a job at a diner . I pay my own cell phone bill and bought my own school clothes for the past 3 yrs . All that they do is pay the rent in a house that they also live in & I always eat at work . I could go live with my grandma but she lives 2 hrs away . I know if I did I would be doing a lot better in school they always put my school last . If Im in my room Doing hw or studying one of them talks mad shhit and says she always in her room or own her phone or says that I need to get my ass downstairs and watch the kids so they can go do something that only takes one person to do . But my mom is so scare to leave him with the littel kids alone because he gets mad easy But she doesn't send him because he's illegal . So I never have time to get my work done or I'm so stressed out at school were I can't pay attention . My mom is such a happier person when she wasn't with him . I want him to leave and he always threatens that he will . Like we will die without him . He thinks he's god or something . Like when he says jump we're supposed to say how high ? I cant live like that .I want to ruin there relationship or get him deported or something but he has two littel kids with my mom

Jul 19, 2012

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  • Your Mum needs to get out. Honestly, I know she thinks she loves him or she can't leave but things will not get better, they will only get worse. She needs to leave this man. If he threatens her or hits her again, tell someone. Tell a teacher at school or social services - it's a dangerous environment to be in, and your Mum is putting you all in danger by staying with him. Just work hard, keep your head down and get out of there as soon as you can. If they nag you about schoolwork, point out that if you get good grades you earn more money and can contribute to the household bills so your stepdad doesn't have to work so hard.Yes, I know that's sucking up to him a bit but at least they may leave you alone to work!

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