so im taken.. but i like him so bad. i

so im taken.. but i like him so bad.
i dont know what to do.. from the day we met basically he has been giving me the signals that he likes me. unessecary touching, those long glances, those winks. the secret hand touching.. the secret long hugs. the tension is ridiculous.
all the stuff hes said to me.. granted he doesnt say it much anymore.. but he still acts exactly the same when were together. everyone thinks he likes me. surely he cant act this way with every girl?
so i was stupid enough to tell him i like him, but i couldnt help it. and then he jsut throws it back in my face with.. i only like you as a friend?!.. what the h***.
but he was so rude about it.. it wasnt like.. oh im gonna let her down gently.. it was.. 'what the f***. i act like i like you cos i do.- but not like that'.. and then he just left. was he running away from something?.. his feelings maybe?
i jsut cant work it out.
and its so unfair.
if he generally doesnt like me.. then i hate him. hes a d***. you cant just lead someone on like that. and f*** with my feelings.
but if he likes me then i like him too. so bad.
he makes me happy.. and smile like no one else can :).
is he too scared to tell me in case it ruins friendships.. i dont know.

i hope hes not a d***.. i really do.

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  • Yeah, I had a chick do all this to me, but 10X worse.
    Lost a couple years to alcohol after that....
    Next time I start to fall in love I'll take a gun out and shoot myself first. It'll be alot less painful.

  • hi, thanks for all your replies! i am not married haha!

    i recently spilt with the guy i was with as he found out we had been talking etc

    and the other guy, complete denied all knowledge of it, blamed it all on me to save his own skin!, he is a d***!
    we no longer talk. b***** men! (no offence haha)

  • There is this guy that acts very shy when I'm around him and he used be very bad about holding gazes with me and let me tell you he almost said, "I am attrac"...that's when he cut himself off. Men are not good at telling us how they feel even when the feelings are apparent.

  • Sorry..."I didn't mean "have a hard time showing it." He's obviously showing it. I meant expressing it verbally.

  • Sometimes when a man is really interested they have a hard time showing it. Long glances or as I say holding a gaze is a sign that someone likes you a lot. However, men and women don't express themselves the same way and even the most confident man can have a hard time owning up to REAL feelings. I am not saying that you should pursue a relationship with this guy because you are married...correct? If so, try working on the relationship that you're in...and most certainly, as the previous poster suggested, don't start up another unless you end the present relationship.

  • What is was asking is if you where both married or otherwise taken.
    All I can say is becarefull. If he is interested in you, then end the relaionship you are in now before moving on. I(we) were both taken and it ended in all h***, we are no longer friends and it got real dirty.
    Hope this explins what i meant.

  • he's not taken no.
    how do you mean?
    i am taken yes.. but i dont have a great relationship on the go to be honest.

  • Well , you are taken, and is he?
    I worked with a women a couple years back that was "taken" and so was I.
    But we went through the same stuff as you speak.
    Maybe he is letting you know that you are taken and he is only friends for that very reason.
    So to that end if you are taken leave him go. It ruined both my and her friendship, do not let that happen to you.

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