Self harm

I just cut myself because i cant deal with the stress anymore. i never thought i would go to this.. but i did. and honestly, it makes me feel better.

Jul 20, 2012

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  • About 6 months ago I couldn't handle the stress anymore and cut myself on impulse. I instantly felt so much better, it was like a complete release and for the first time in ages my head stopped spinning with all the negative thoughts, it gave me such a high. I started doing it more often and for smaller reasons until it almost became like an addiction. I loved the scars. I always cut on my left arm and the reason I stopped was because of other people's reactions if they accidentally found out. Some people were disgusted, some freaked out and I realised it was even hurting the people closest to me because they didn't want to have to think about the fact I was in pain. It strained so many of my relationships until things were even worse than before. That's why I stopped, because I found that it was only a temporary fix. It was difficult to stop and now I an ashamed of what I did. Now I hate the scars and am terrified of people seeing them. So my advice to you is to do your best to talk things out with people instead as cutting is only a temporary fix but the scars stay for a long time and it can even be dangerous.

  • Friend, my philosophy is simple. If it makes you or someone else happy and hurts No One do it. However, I'm not judging you but find something else to ease the pain. I'm not telling you what to do just suggesting you take a different path. I had a friend that did this I loved her at the time, it made me feel bad that she did this it really brought me down. I never told her how down or she'll feel pressure and end up cutting herself.A recommendation is to read Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. It has nothing to do with cutting but it should distract you. Please try.

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