I don't know anymore

I know that I am not in love with my fiance, but I also know that she could not do better; I'm not trying to sound superior, because I'm not, but she is one to be easily persuaded into doing things she doesn't want to do. I've witnessed her mother and best friends make her change her mind completely on things she was sure of minutes before. I know that I can accept her for who she is and I wish I could love her, but I'll always long for someone else; the problem is my loyalty is an extreme, I've already knelt down and told her she will be mine forever, but in my heart it is a lie.

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  • You are hurting her more by staying. What happens when she realizes you don't love her the way you should. And although you don't think so, you may decide to cheat after living with someone you clearly don't have respect for. If she knew how you felt, do you really think she would want to settle for half a love affair?
    Marriage is hard work even when you are madly in love. If you don't have an honest foundation the relationship can't grow. Save yourself an ugly divorce and for god's sake don't bring children into this dysfunctional world.Have enough respect for this woman who loves you not to trap her in a loveless marriage. Tell her now.

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