Camp counselor

When I was 33 I was a camp counselor in the summer during summer vacation. It was my first year and there were female camp counselors that ranged in age from 16 to 45. This one 20 year old with dark hair and freckles had a crush on me. She was 5'2" 120 lbs no makeup and a little tiny mouth. I love small mouths on a woman it just turns me on. Her father was a doctor and she use to live in the same neighborhood in NY where I once lived. She was very quiet and shy so she couldn't hide the fact that she liked me. After each day we would have to wait for each of the students to get picked up by a parent. One day it was just me and her left and we were waiting for the parents to arrive. The parents did arrive and its just me and her now. I asked her what was she doing now and she smiled and said I don't no. So I said you want to talk for a little while and she said okay. We sat in my truck and talked and then we started making out. I put her hand on my crotch and she starts moaning while I rub her b******. I then take my d*** out and she starts blowing me. I couldn't believe what was happening. That hot warm mouth was on my d*** and as soon as I started to c** she pulled out and I came on the collar of her black teeshirt. She then frantically says I have to go and runs to her car. I just felt guilty that I coerced her into doing it.

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  • I did the same thing when I was a lifeguard. We had a black boss that was so hot and after work one of us would have to stay and help him put the equipment away. One day it started raining and it was just him and me. We where in the lifeguard shack and we started talking about dating. He made a comment about my spandex shorts and how I looked so good in them. We then started kissing and he started touching me. I grabbed his d*** and couldn't even get my hand around it. He pulled my head down in his crotch and I started to gag on his d***. When he came I had c** coming out of my nose. It was the wildest thing that ever happened to me. The year was 1985.

  • why do you feel guilty? It was not like she was underage and she seemed willing. That would be a notch in my belt. Your 13 years older than her.

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