I've had a couple suicide attempts, and

I've had a couple suicide attempts, and most of my childhood and adolescence was filled with lingering, vaguely suicidal thoughts and intense depression. Last night, there was a suicide scene in a movie I was watching with my friends and for the first time in 11 years, I felt disturbed by the idea of suicide. I feel so good about it, but I can't tell my friends because then I would have to tell them about how bad I felt in the first place, and I don't want to worry them or make them think I'm just talking about it for attention. I have no one to share this moment of happiness with because I never let anyone in on my sadness.

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  • I suffer from depression myself and have done for some time. I have been suffering in silence for years although i have never considered suicide i feel i am in a very dark time in my life and feel like sometimes there is no way out. Recently after years of keeping it to myself i have opened up to the people closest to me and told them the reason for my depression. I am now having councelling for what happened to me and feel that it has helped me so much to talk to people. I think you have come along way anare feeling stronger but will be surprised how much it can help to talk to your friends. Good luck x x x

  • find a true friend that you can share everything with a let them know. I'm glad that you are getting better. know that you are loved even if you don't think so. Whoever you are, I'm proud of you!

  • if this is a genuan confession u should seek counciling asap i have expearianced 10 of my close friends that have suicided and 1 was my brother,also the efects that suicide has on the family and your friends are devistateing, some of your friends and family will inturne experiance depresssion. and it culd very well afect them for the rest of there life.so please seek counciling. they can help, it is nt ur fault that u r suffering from depression. i now suffer from depresssion and now r a battleing alcaholic due to my experiance with suicide. remember, it is very important 2 seek counciling it is free and confidential. no one will judge u or laugh at u so i hope this helps.

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