I still love my wife how to i get over this

It's hard eight years ago I lost her in a tragic accident. We dated six months before we got married it was the most amazing six months. We were married four years an amazing four years before I lost her, why did I lose her? I still dont know. I've not been able to get over her I've gone to shrinks, they all say the same thing it takes time...it's different for everyone, but you will move on eventually.... Well when is eventually I don't wanna forget her just be able to wake up and not cry about her loss. I wanna be able to love again I'm lonely. I haven't kissed or even embraced another women since I lost her. The thought of it sickens me. I can't even hug my friends anymore. I have had great friends and in-laws in all of this and they all tell me it's okay she would want me to move on. But I can't I have tried I've been setup a few times by friends who thankfully have explained to the other person what they are getting into. I even had her best friend try and give herself to me to try and help me get beyond it and I couldn't even touch her.

I'm sorry I know this is not the kind of thing people write here but I need someone who might be able to help me possibly in this world see this.

All I know is I love you more then Life itself my dear and someday god will let us be together again I hope and pray.

Jul 28, 2012

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  • Everyone grieves differently. But it sounds like you've put your life on hold and your grief has turned more into depression. You know that you will never forget her, she will always have a piece of your heart. But that shouldn't mean that you prevent yourself from living and loving again. At some point, you must find some way move through the grief.

    If you haven't packed up her clothes or some of her belongings, that could be a start. Keeping her clothes, does not keep the memory alive. Her memory will never die.

    You may never know "why".. sometimes you just have to accept that she was here on earth for a short time and maybe it was to teach you about love. SHE would have wanted you to move on to find love again and live your life.

    Go back to grief counseling and maybe even try other ways ways to heal yourself. Take care of yourself and exercise - that alone can help you move through your emotions or other non-conventional ways like perhaps healing with energy practitioners. But nothing will work unless you truly want to move forward.

  • That is heartbreaking. If you need to talk, reply to my post, i'll give you a way to contact me..
    This isnt a scam btw, im a for real person trying to reach out to you.

  • My parents were so in love and my mum lost my dad 5 years ago. She hasn't moved on from him and she says she has no intention to.
    It is different for everyone though. Maybe one day you will wake up and have come to peace with it. Maybe you won't. You might learn to love again but it a different way. Nobody will ever replace what you lost but that doesn't mean you give up on life.

    Take it as it comes. There is no rules on how to get over something like that. Just don't hide away from your life.

    It will get better. It will be hard and long but when you're ready you will know. And by ready i don't mean you have to be with someone else. You don't have to do that. Just take one day at a time. x

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