Cellphone bill $100!!!

So...I know this sounds stupid but I really need advice right now....
So, the thing is that my cellphone bill is payed by my parents since I'm still young and can't pay it mayself...One day I was watching TV and there was this TVprogramm where there is like a picture. The picture is cut into like 15 parts and in one of the parts, a human face is hidden there. The thing is, when you find the face, you call the number on the screen and if you answer it correctly, you can win like $600 or so....
Like I said, I'm still young and I believe almost everything people tell me...The thing is, without a second thought I called the number but since no one answered I kept calling and calling like 30-40 times...next thing I know I see this very little tiny announcement that says: $4/call....
And like 3 weeks later, my phone bill comes and says: $120....
What should I do??!! My parents are going to kill me!!! I thought about paying it myself but unfortunately I only have $25...
What should I do? should I just tell my parents the truth? or dunno...just make an excuse?? help me!! >n<

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  • If this is the "dumbest" things you've ever done in your life, be thankful. It could be far worse and more expensive. Those games and gimmicks will get you every time. Important to remember there's always some catch, I have a feeling you'll be more careful in the future.

    For now, you should tell your parents. You could wait until the bill comes and then when they ask questions you can seem shocked that you were charged anything. But it may be best to just tell them the truth, get it over with. Say exactly what happened - you saw something on TV and didn't realize there was a charge. But then you saw it again and noticed the fine print. You're really sorry, you've learned your lesson..(which it sounds like you have..so that's not lying) and offer to pay off the charges in time or do some extra chores around the house.

    Most cell phone bills are $100 these days depending on the phone, data plan and taxes. They're going to find out sooner then later. They may be able to contest the charges.

  • Tell your parents. They will understand.

    When I was in high school we were watching a commercial that said "answer these simple trivia questions and you could win money!" They had simple questions on the commercial like "who is the first president of the United States...etc.".

    There was a group of us there so we thought "what the h***". My trivia quiz friend called the number and the questions were along the lines of "in what year was the particle, xylicaliparnicus discovered?" "what is the name of the manufacturer in the second largest factory in Kalamazoo Michigan?" and other crazy stupid questions that nobody could answer. We hung up after a few questions and it came out to about 4 bucks per question.

    My mom came to me the next month and thought I was on some s** hotline. I told her about what happened at the party and that was it. No big deal. She knew I learned my lesson.

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