I Secretly Broken..

Yu Broke my Heart Today.. You intentionally hurt me, nd it work this time.
I left you because i wanted you to realize that i love you, and i go through so much for you. I thought that maybe, just maybe, you'd change for Me. At least try this time, but instead you try to hurt me, and cut me from your life. Around you, i build this brick wall of Happiness. Making you think im not hurting on the inside. But i Am.
Seeing you talk to the girl that you know i was never comfortable with you even standing by. You make the point to laugh with her, right in front of Me. I see the way you look at her, i know, because you used to look at me that way.
You texted me just Now, telling me u Miss and Love me, but how can i believe you. You intentionally broke my heart this time. But its okay, i must learn to live without you.. Even if i cant stop loving you.
- the one girl who always tried, but wasnt good enough..

Aug 24, 2012

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  • There is a Guy out there that Loves You, don't waste your life on one boy. If he Loves you, he'd be willing to do anything for you.
    Its okay to hurt, but you can't allow yourself to hurt forever.
    There's a boy out there who will show you what you're worth and even more. His words will he honest, and his mind loyal. Just remember that you have the right to be Happy.

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