My parents argue so often these days... A while back, when they argue, it would be small ones over very stupid things, but these days it seems so serious... I love my parents very dearly, but I don't think they realize how hard it is on me when they scream and shout at each other and curse at each other. I have just started freshmen year and I am very stressed these days, but my parents argued today and that doesn't help me relax at all. My mom and I live near my school while my dad lives near his work place because it is very far away from my school so he visits every friday night but since my mom and dad were arguing again today, he left the house to his little apartment. I thought he would like to know how I felt about him and my mom arguing all the time so I texted him that sometimes that when they argue, I would want to commit suicide so that I would never have to hear them shout at each other again or I that I would rather have them divorce so that they don't have to speak to each other again because I know that even though they make up, they're going to argue again. After I sent this text to him, he replied saying that he hopes that I like the laptop he bought me and that he can't stay with me during the weekend. I just didn't know how to feel about that text. He just flat out ignored me. I don't know what to do......

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