What tourettes syndrome really is...

Everybody thinks that Tourette's syndrome is just people getting angry for no reason and shouting out swear words.

But guess what? It's not. Not at all.

Tourette's syndrome is a mental disorder, usually diagnosed in an individual before their eighteenth birthday. It consists of uncontrollable motor movements and muscle spasms/jerks. The most common symptoms of Tourette's syndrome are eye blinking, clearing of the throat, sniffing, and small things like that. They can include spasms of the limbs as well.

Only 10% of all people affected by Tourette's have problems with shouting obscenities or making profane gestures. And even for those few rare cases, it's not out of "rage" at all. It's simply because they can't control it. It's like breathing. You can't control it, it's not your fault, and there is absolutely nothing you can do.

Everybody makes fun of Tourette's as f it's optional. Like its some kind of anger issue or something. Because thats the way Hollywood and film and TV have made it out to be, and people, though I'm sure they aren't trying to be hurtful, make jokes about the rare group of people afflicted who shout profanity against their own will.

Don't believe me? Im fourteen years old and I have Tourette's. I'm constantly picked on and made fun of and told I have anger issues even though never in my life have I shouted one profanity. I blink my eyes, clear my throat, lick my lips until they're raw and I have a rash all over my mouth, and scrunch up my nose as well as making over facial contortions.

I want everybody to be aware of what this really is. I want people to understand what this really is, and I want to end all the bullying and prejudice about Tourette's syndrome.

And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

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  • Ive had tourettes since I was seven years old! I'm now 42. i experienced most of what you described. I would get into fights because of my tourettes at school cause kids would tease me. They would tease then take off in a full sprint immidiatly after cause they knew I may chase after them cause I was fast. Even adults are cruel ! My Music teacher in Elementary school made a crack at me and most the class laughed! When I was diagnosed with it and put on meds it just made me very tired a lot so my Mom took me of the meds.

  • Continued as I got older I learned to deal with it better . I could control my tics better and even talk about it. Instead of ignore irbor lash out on people who would try and make a joke about it or ask me about it. I thought it could have been demos as well . Now i not sure. I prayed and had people pray for me and well I still have it. I not saying that praying will not work . I believe God can heal anyone! God bless you all and pray for those who suffer from tourettes.

  • Continued u believe my tourettes is also inherited or passed down from generations. I have a few people in my family including my Father who have tourettes.

  • I believe its a demon, it sounds very much like a demonic possession. Go to a church and have the preachers put their hands on u and try to expell the demon. See if that works. It seriously seems like a demonic possession.

  • I highly doubt it's demonic possession....not that I'm saying possession doesn't exist......I believe it does but not in this case

  • How would a preachers hands help the situation?

  • Thanks so much for this post. I am an evangelist and tonight a young woman with this condition came into our group and many people left. It was hard for me to teach but I kept on and treated her with respect and love.

    At the end of the service she thanked me in front of the entire group and said that she had been turned away from churches and felt "love" at our church.

    I agree that there are some "demonic" characteristics such as cussing and throwing the bible around but until I learn more I am going to continue to be kind and show love to this person.

  • I have it too and it's really hard especially when your overweight.

  • Trust me, although I have never suffered from it myself, my brother suffers from it, and he's been through everything you have. You're not alone! And although your tourettes may not be great, if you change your attitude towards it, it can be a source of good and not negativity. I was bullied to high h*** when I was 14, but trust me, you'll get over that as well. Everyone does it when you're 14, soon as you get older people accept you for who you are, stop being so mean and get on with life! So, wait it out, stay strong and go with your own crowd.

  • I think the root of Tourette's syndrome (so-called) is not mental, but spiritual; it definitely does affect the mind though. If you read the Bible with any frequency at all, you'll come across many cases of demonic possession (Tourette's is one of the 'milder' manifestations of this oppression/possession). We should not be mocking any person with any kind of affliction. In this case, believers have the authority to 'cast out demons'. Get in touch with someone who has this gift, and ask them if they can help you.
    Check out sidroth dot org.

  • Another bible advocate!! Stop with your demon possession crap! If you don't know anything,about the Tourette's syndrome,don't make assumptions! And stop preaching to others,about the bible! Respect that,not everyone wants to hear it!

  • Your heart is hard , I bet you don't even consider deeper things in life, spirits, life after death and higher beings, get your head out of the sand

  • Idiot

  • I don't have Tourettes because a demon has possessed me. What's wrong with you? It's a neurogical disorder. God gave me this disorder Himself. I don't know why because it was His choice. Maybe He wants me to experience a hardship that will bring me closer to Him. But I am a Christian, believe me, and I love our God. Don't you ever DARE suggest to me that I've been "possessed."

    Tourettes syndrome is not the tragedy. Your ignorance and the ignorance of others. THAT is the tragedy.

  • What you say in your post contradicts the written word of God. If you read the Bible then you will understand it is not God's will for you to be sick and you need to understand and accept the written word of God. Instead of believing the word, people end up medicating their sicknesses because they don't have the faith to come to conclusion that God can and will heal you through faith. I am living testimony of that.

    You are not demon possessed however you are demonized, two different things. Christians are demonized all the time that is why we were given the power to cast them out in the name of Jesus.

    Matter of fact, you are allowing that demon to speak through you in your post and I can name two demons that you are carrying right now just by your words. The people who were tired of soothing their demons came to get healing. Mothers came to Jesus and his disciples to cast out unclean spirits in their own children. They came to the conclusion that they were in fact demonized and were tired of it. They went to someone with more authority. It is all over MATTHEW, MARK, LUKE, JOHN, ACTS you should read it.

    My suggestion is don't go to any church. Find a people that carry authority and consecrate their selves to fast / prayer because most pastors DO NOT. The bible says that these type of unclean spirits can only be casted out with fast and prayer.

    Matthew 17:21..."But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting."

  • Sickness

  • God doesn't give people sickgess

  • No. DEMONS give people the sickness.

  • Http://news.awmi.net/home/2012/9/20/karly-gutierrez-healed-from-tourettes.html

    this girl was healed of her tourettes after a healing prayer group "commanded her tourettes to leave" and prayed over her relentlessly. they commanded that the demons, aka her tourettes, be cast out. it worked.

  • Just started watching this video about three people that have Tourettes and the lady at 6:00 minutes in involuntary blurts out walking down the street "all hail lucifer! Lucifer! Unless she was into dark stuff which does not seem so. Jesus can heal everything. Do you really believe that God would give you such a thing? If God is perfect and were made in his image than having this would make us not in his image cause no were in the Bible does it say Jesus had any disorders. He did not cause he was God in flesh but still from God. People that are bipolar offten then not cut themeselves. Multiple personality comes from many demons are allso told of in the Bible . The Bible which is my life guide books tells of these disorders before the people of this age was alive! Why do you think its called a disorder? To be continued...

  • Continued...Cause satan is all about disorder cause thats the opposite of God who does everything in order. Faith in the power of God can overcome the impossible as the Bible tells us so many times and how we even in our day and time see the Blood of Jesus still is full of life giving Power.so I am going to end this with the information I wanted you to see There are demons for everything that will cause h*** in our life. The demons would rather be in a animal then sent back to chains. This is all in the Bible. More and more proof is coming out backed by science that the Bible and the God it speaks of is the one true god. The enemy knows this so he is despertly trying to distoray as many souls as possible. This isn't he age when our faith has to be our eyes so we can see all things clearly. The enemy can use every thing of this world to trap you. But there is one His name just said once with all you got and he will never fail you and can heal everything. God bless you all may we meet at home.

    Tourette's Syndrome - Life With Tourette's: http://youtu.be/jYRa-fpNonY(this is the one at 6:00)

    Mark 5New Living Translation (NLT)

    https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Mark+5&version=NLT(part of the Bible that backs up what I just said).

  • Correction was typing to fast. This error from aboveThis isn't he age when our faith has to be our eyes so we can. Is supposed to read: this is the age when our faith has to be our eyes so we can see. Thank you. Oh I had to continue cause I type more then 2000 characters.

  • I don't think that the person above was trying to personally attack you, but rather offer advice.
    Have you ever personally encountered a demon or a demon possessed person? It is very much like tourettes in some cases. If you are a true believer, you will understand that God can affect our physical bodies just as the devil can. If God can heal cancerous tumors and cells, why couldn't the devil do the opposite and cause these afflictions? Neurological disorders are no different.
    I do not know everything there is to know, but I am positive that God can heal all wounds; even neurological. If for nothing more than a hopeless attempt to you, I still suggest you ask God to reveal to you if any demons are attached to you. Rebuke them in Jesus name, and ask that your bodied be cleansed and made sacred in the blood of the lamb. Worse case scenario it can do no harm, and best case, you rid yourself of the demons attached to you physically causing this disorder.
    I wish you all the best, and truly with all of my heart, I pray that you may be healed.

  • ???????????????????????????????????? I loved reading all this!!! I agree with you! If only most people could see with their eyes closed! The reality of this world is so different from what your physical eyes show you. Jah bless

  • You go gurl :D

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