My life is a lie.. Everyone sees everything perfect and rosie. But my husband is drinking heavy everyday and started to hit me, he's always used put downs but it getting worse.. Our son was due to go away to boarding school and he started a fight (its easyer to just appoligise for what ever I've done wrong no matter what it is) even let our son watch tv sitting on our bed. Im to scared to leave, I've tryed talking to him buits always something that is my fault even something as paint flacking in the bathroom after 13 years after I painted it.Our son got a chest infection and my husband is going around threating me that he's going to tell my family and his I am spaying my son with airsole cans as we have a bug sprayer (natral his choice) to make him sick.. I don't know what to do..
I'm letting my son down but at lest boarding school he will be sage from him..

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  • You need to take your son and go to a women's shelter. There's bound to be one nearby, but you could also go to another town. You are not safe, not at all, and since the abuse is escalating, it's going to continue to escalate. Please get away and get help. Today is not too soon to make this decision and make this move. Please......GO!! Do it before you can't.

  • While you're at the shelter, OP, ask someone how a dictionary works.

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