Have you just wished...

I have a Nine Month old son (first and only) When We learned I was expecting, We Father and myself were thrilled! this was his second child by ten years..and my very first preg.. here we go, Ever since ten yr old has known about having a sibling, He has turned violent kicking and throwing things at his father, He hasn't been happy about it... Playing the pity card about how everything is going to change Daddy isn't gonna love me anymore... After the Baby came the Grandparents would completely ignore there own grandchild (my son) for some sorta fear of hurting this ten year old's feelings?? They would use the excuse of If things don't work out with You and my son... Or if you move away?? Really??
Do you know how unbelievably cruel and ignorant that sounds?? They have nothing in the world to ask or say about my son but sit and talk and ramble on and on about this ten year old... Meanwhile if anyone (friend guest another kid) talks or even by pure sight says anything to my son or about my son they are changing the subject or pushed off into another room or ignored Just as my son is... Meanwhile this ten year old whom is scared of the Dark.... Has been told you are going to sleep in your own bed!! after his Father has laid with him read to him left on a nightlight on for this kid.... I get something to drink at 1230 at night and hear this kid on the phone at 1230AM~ Crying hysterically!! about how everyone has left him alone and he is scared... Grandparents start calling the phone relentlessly and then waking MY then Months OLD child!!! All because their beloved Grandson wasn't getting his own way!! This kid loves to start problems and gets off on starting them!!!! Plays one parent against the other or plays the pity card... Like someone is mistreating him or something.... I've sat back and watched this go on for two years now... I've told his Father and he has finally seen where what I have been saying is true... Its bad for the Grandparents because I don't allow my son around them bc I'm trying to protect him from feeling neglected and unwanted/unloved... He has wonderful Grandparents on my side and he is the only Grandson... so My Father is thrilled!! They also know about whats happened and they are extremely sicked by their actions....
But Now I'm at the limit, I wish This Annoying problematic child would go live with his Own Mother...
I don't want him around my son anymore!! I don't trust him to do something harmful to myself/ or my son!!
I wish he would just disappear... I've told my sons Father how I feel and he loves and wants to be with me and his other son but Its going to come down to him leaving or its not going to work at all... I have extreme hate for this child and I know its wrong but I can't help how I feel about this kid... and what makes it worse is I don't feel bad about it at all. This kid is the devil!!

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