I really miss psychedelics...

I really miss the feeling of tripping on psychedelics. I used to do acid, mushrooms, dmt, and the like at least once a month. Some trips were good and some were bad, but I always came away feeling like I had really expanded my mind, like people used to say in the 60s. Later on I became addicted to heroin, the greatest and at the same time worst drug ever. The feeling is magical, but the price of constantly feeling sick is too much to handle. I got clean once and then relapsed, I am currently sober several years, although I am still on methadone. I would not ever like to become a heroin addict again, but I miss the trips on psychedelics so badly. I am with a wonderful woman and my life is on track, but I can't help but feel like something is missing. I have a genius level intellect and I can't help but feel that I need some form of intellectual release. Psychedelics used to give it to me but even if I wanted to I have no place to trip safely anymore. I miss my friend and partner in my adventures, you are so close and yet so far... but most of all I miss the trips... I think I will relapse on down again soon if I can't take an acid trip to put everything in perspective. Perspective is what I'm missing. Why are psychedelics vilified? They have so much to offer. A store near me sells San Pedro cactus and DMT containing roots. I think I will take a trip as soon as I can find a safe place to do it and a safe person to do it with. Don't think me a weakling or a monster if you haven't walked my path...


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  • Dude, i know this was years ago, but im currently in the same boat.. i was a casual drug user until i became a heroin addict (sounds ridiculous, i know) and now ivr been "clean"(on methadone) for a couple years now.
    Problem is, I've been feeling like i want to use again. Just not any opiates. But ive been thinking about a trip to see the northern lights while on mushrooms or acid or the like...

    Its that you place psychedelics in the same category as opiates.. theyre both considered drugs, but they are nothing alike.
    I hope you figure it out without a relapse into opiates. Cuz props to youu for getting clean to begin with. Igs a hard battle, man.

  • F*** me... I have had these feelings off and on again recently in the past few months. I truly miss acid. Never did enjoy mushrooms as much, but acid was a great time. I had a great buddy I would trip out with and we always had the best times wandering around the Parkdale area of Toronto, chasing crackheads and laughing about it or getting into arguments just to wind up some of the crazy street people. Somewhat cruel and childish, but we were also really young so we did stupid s*** like that. However the best times I had on acid were just sitting back and listening to very minimal techno or intelligent drum and bass. Not the over the top s***, but stuff that was already quite mind expanding on its own. The acid would really just take it to another level. Outdoor raves where really deep tunes were being played (old Plastikman or Deepchord kind of stuff) were even better. Yeah, I miss psychedelics.

  • We, as humans love to put things into boxes with other similar things, fact is though if you take a step back everything is simultaneously the same, and different, opiates and psychedelics may be classed as drugs because they alter your perception but they are totally different animals. If you can figure out in your head that the umbrella term of "drugs" that you were fed as a child is fictitious then I think you can begin on a path towards allowing yourself to do the things you love, if you can't figure this out, don't go near anything mind altering.

    Think of it this way perhaps, if you ride motorcycles and crash, would you stop using all forms of wheeled transportation through fear of crashing?

    I sincerely hope you can find balance and happiness.

  • Hey, snap out of it! Your trying to escape reality! You can never escape reality. Those drugs don't really expand your mind they just conjure up thoughts and things that are a mixture of your sub conscious and conscious mind. I mean I understand you to a degree but why would you want to be in a position where you are not in control of what you think and what you do? I personally can't stand being in that state but each to their own. I would highly suggest you not touch it...you always have to come ack to reality in the end. Don't do it if it's gonna lead u back to harder drugs u may loose everything u have that's good for something that's all in your mind and isn't sustainable anyway. I mean my dad was an alcoholic and I never understood his need to escape reality and not be in control...he died from his drinking a lonely lonely man who had lost everything that ever meant anything to him. Now he's just a rotting corpse in the ground..no life ...is that what you want? because you never know what might happen if you relapse

  • You've obviously never done psychedelics then, I suggest you watch a documentary called "The spirit molecule".

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