The girl i love

I had a dream last night about a girl that i had a crush on for about a year now and i told her i liked her and she rejected me in an awkward way. guessing that was the first time she had to reject someone but in the dream i told her my hole story i told her that i still loved her and asked why she didnt like me back. after i woke up i was preaty sad but i was glad that i told her but then im like that was a dream. now the real life part. in my school i have four houses two for 8th grade and two for 7th, anyway im in the red house and she's in the green house and the only time i can talk to her is outside and she's always with her friends so i cant tell her how i feel and i get countless advice on what to do no matter how pumped up i get i always wus out and i feel like crap. i get one of the reasons by her not wanting to go out with me me being a fricken fat looser that just plays games all day(also my self confidence is freakishly low)but i dont know what to do and i really need help from all the people out there who bothered to read this about a 7th graders first love. if you have any questions or need more details i will gladly answer them so please everyone... help this kid win the first girl he ever loved.

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  • Dude if you hate ypurself start f****** fixing that AND then when you have an fantastic confidence then grab that chic and tell her that she is yours end of f****** story do it now d*** do it. do it.

  • Oh and when I told her that I liked her that part was in real life not the dream

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