Why am I such a ** doormat?!

I just hate the fact in such a fricking push over! I had this so called 'friend' who treated me like ** and I put up with it for more than a year!! She: bitched about me 24/7 then denied it, took money off me, made me buy her food, insulted the Christmas present I gave her and demanded for another one, told the teacher when I didn't do my homework, made my lip bleed and wasn't even sorry, told my friend my Halloween party was cancelled, lied to me ALL the time... The list just goes on! My other 'friend' I have put up with for 7 years pretends she has nothing to do with me at school but is all nicey nicey outside of school, and tells me that everyone hates me and ** about me (a lie) and insulted the Christmas present I got her, and said it was my own fault when I was getting bullied!! Seriously! I put up with these people for soooo long just because they can sometimes be nice! I'm rubbish at holding grudges and I end up being bossed about and bullied by so called 'friends' all the time!!!!! Sorry, I just really needed to vent.

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  • Dump them. They sound like horrible people. I've done it before. Just cut off all ties from them, and make sure you tell them that you are done with them to their face. Then walk away, and make some new friends.

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