Confessions of a 12 year old boy

I,m making this list because i,m treated like ** 1 i,m bullied for being off the wall smart 2 i m made fun of because i love dr who and the beach boys 3 i have a evil women called a aunt that i live with 4 my cousins put fire works in appliances 5 i hate myself and those are some problem of mine

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  • Bruh Doctor who is ** amazing. I was bullied too. It gets better. School is ** horrible but all things come to an end

  • Dude there are lots of boys same problem me to just show every one your better than them.

  • Give the Quran a go:

  • Ur ok kid, ur OK!

  • cause really who ever they are doesn't really matter... all that matters is the less that i know the less i can hate :)

  • who ever wrote the first comment how could you not know who the beach boys are look up wouldn,t it be nice on youtube

  • hi friend i'm gonna help in my own list
    1 people are only made fun of for being off the wall smart if the people doing it are on the ground dumb (you see what i did there)
    2 i don't know how to help you because i don't know who those people are except dr who he's cool
    3 my brother's an evil woman too... hahahah oops
    4 so long as they don't blame you and the appliances aren't yours you should be fine...
    5 i don't like the word hate it doesn't convey enough emotion i prefer to call myself a self loather but i can help you to not hate yourself i think by allowing you knowlege that helping others is just as easy as hating your self if not easier...
    this is a random smiley face :)

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