My dad gets mad at lots of little things, this situatuion isnt as bad as some.. but today he was all happy n joking around nd stuff then saw left over ketchup in the sink from a rinsed plate and got totally mad.. so i just went up stairs while he went on about how he does everything..ya.. he duz alot..but not everything. he used to only get mad at stuff like me n my brother not doing our chores. i get that coming home from a long day of work is tough having a big mess..but theres no big mess anymore. he picks at every little thing there is and gets mad at it..i think he would be much less stressed if he would just..chill. i want to be around him alot cuz i feel bad for him. makes me cry writing that last sentence. but its hard when all hes doing is venting the entire time im with him about everything he has to do. i cant even watch a movie with him anymore without him venting. if something happens in a movie that he can relate to he starts yapping on about that, why cant he just relax and maybe put all that behind him once in a while. how can i help fix this?:(

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  • Well he's probably stressed at work and just bringing home his frustrations. He has to remember to to take some deep breaths and let things roll. He probably has no idea he's complaining as much as he is. And he definitely has no idea how his complaining and venting are affecting you and your brother. The best way to help him fix it is to tell him how you feel. He will always vent and complain, but he may find a way to do it privately. I bet he would love to hear how you would like to spend time with him. That would probably make his day. Sometimes you have to point out people's behaviors so that they can become aware of what they're doing so that they can try to change. Try talking with him.

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