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I've been in a relationship with an older man for almost a year now. & when i say older, i mean 14 yrs. my senior. He's a great guy & he treats my like a princess. Anything i want, he gets me. When im upset, he'll do anything in his power to cheer me up. When i need someone to talk to, he's right there to listen. . .no matter how far he is. When i f*** up he forgives me & i have the freedom of a wild dog.
He only had one request. Knowing how young i am & how much i havnt got the chance to experience; he told me i can f*** anyone i want to if thats REALLY what i want to do. AS LONG AS i tell him before hand.
i told him he had nothing to worry about, because at the time that statement was completely genuine.
Due to a few misfortunes me and him havnt been able to see each other as much as we use to. . .i use to live with him but now im living with my mother almost an hour away. & it hurts cause i miss him, but it feels good cause we needed the time apart.
Now im guilty of being the girlfriend i swore id never be. im cheating on the love of my life with another man closer to my age group. Its a feeling i havnt felt in so long and we have such good chemistry in bed. So good that the first time felt like we had discussed the things that turned us on & off in the bedroom.
I want to tell my boyfriend about the other guy so my conscience will stop eating me alive, but the reason i havnt is because im not sure if i want to let the other guy go. . .What should i do?

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  • To tell the truth everybody makes mistakes in my life, if you still love the guy that live a hour away call him or go see him, see if he still loves you or want to be with you, then you know, let us know how thing turn out?

  • You need to stop all youare going to do is hurt the one that love you the most,do you really care? i don't thing so, well you problem get some guy will treat you like dirt, I guess a be enough for you, thing what you got now, are you happy with the older man or let us know what happened not that's a question you get to decide for yourself, please let us know what I am to your s** life, really I don't care,

  • Don't tell either man about the other: it won't serve any useful purpose (other than assuaging guilt, and that's not actually useful), and you could wind up losing them both. As young as you are, and as free-spirited as you are, you are entitled to enjoy both men, and you certainly seem capable of taking care of both men (and their emotional and sexual needs). Society tries to tell us that we're supposed to be one-on-one, and while that's fine for some people, it's torture for others. You're in the latter category, and you have need of and use for both men, so you should keep both men. S** is about fun and pleasure and satisfaction. If you are giving that to both of them, and (FAR more importantly) if they're giving that to you, then you should remain involved with both to whatever degree pleases you and excites you, and NEVER EVER tell either one about the other. Or about any other men you latch onto in the future. Enjoy your life, enjoy your youth, and enjoy your sexuality.

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