I'm 14 years old currently and lately

I'm 14 years old currently and lately I've been having sexual fantasies about girls. Now, you might say that this is okay, but the problem is that I AM a girl myself. While surfing the net sometimes , I spot girl p*** and I admit that I have viewed them quite a lot. I know that this is wrong and whack because God created Adam & Eve. Not Eve & Eve. I'm attending an all-girl school too, which makes this especially uneasy for me. I'm not a lesbian and I do not intend to be one because I personally find it sick and wrong. No offense. I'm really really confused! Is this a problem or is it a normal thing all teenagers go through?

Someone help/advice, please!

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  • This could be a stage or you might always be attracted to women. However, you do have the choice whether to act on it. Being attracted to other girls is not a sin. But, acting on it by doing sexual things is a sin. The bible says s** outside of marriage is a sin. Also, it says s** is meant between a man and woman. I don't think you should feel ashamed. God does love you and accept you for who you are. I think a counselor can help you with these feelings. I admire your strength that you shared it on here. I hope you find peace and help in this area.

  • it could just be a phase. i went through a period like this a few years ago, and i really thought that i might be bi. but.. well, it turns out i wasn't. if it continues for a really long time, then you should try and accept the fact, or think it over. maybe talk to someone you know that is gay/bi/lesbian, or someone you really trust.

  • im 16 and i want things to hapend between my best friend, but i cant imagine her doing anything, and we have only been friends for 4 years but it seems like forever we are so alike and i want to kiss her, but i think it would destroy our friend ship

  • just follow your heart. All the Bible's and all the psycho-bable in the world don't mean a thing as long as you follow your heart.

  • My 12 year old friend and I had some very "busy" sleepovers. We were both very much into boys, but didn't have the opportunity (and too shy) to do anything with them. We were young, best friends, our bodies were changing, and it was fun and felt good. Don't worry about it. We eventually moved on to boys (what we really wanted) and just outgrew it.

  • i think you need to stay away from your feeling because it it totaly wrong in the face of God, God has been a standard God no changes till modern day any body telling you it's right to be a lesbian is setting you up for distruction believe this never believe you are a lesbian when that evil voice tells you that reject it and say you are not and always be positive ,make new friends males of course and pray God will see you through. God bless you

  • I found myself wanting to lean over and kiss my bestfriend when I was 13 - 15. When I slept over at her house, I would insist on going for a swim, just to see her in a bikini and we would sleep in her double bed and I would wake up in the early morning to watch her sleep. It was pretty strange, I admit. I never did anything sexual with her. but I have since with other girls. I just find it experience and fun.

    I call myself a christian, I pray to God, although rarely attend church, I feel like I have his presence with me when I'm in trouble.

    I've never understood teenage hormones but dont worry about it. Know who ur friends r and who u can trust. Experiment a little if you want to, just to find out. Good Luck.

  • Well, it is a normal thing, but even if you are a lesbian, or bisexual, there is really nothing wrong with it. I'm sure God still loves you no matter what, as long as you're a good person.
    There is no way to change your sexuality. And I'm sure God would rather have you be true to yourself and be the person that He made you rather than be miserable just worrying about whether or not you're going to offend Him.

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