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My fiance and I are in our mid twenties both just finish graduating from a university and have just moved in together. Been dating for over 5 Years high school sweet hearts etc. I’m 23 he’s 25. There’s things from our past we all aren’t proud of! one night my bf asked me to tell him about my past sexual life. I froze up not knowing if it was normal to talk about it. He started of small and not too curious with questions like how many men, how many times etc. after a deep conversation of about half an hour, he continued to casually jump into detail wanting to know how where and the why. He asked me things I didn’t want to answer that began to creep me out. If I liked it how big where they or what positions did they have me in. I eventually got tired of him asking that I gave him a free wil of 1 hour time frame to ask anything he wanted and I’d answer with all honesty! so he asked every detail he could possibly think of. I confess that while me and him where talking I had a guy I was talking to before him and ended up sleeping with him 3 times. I gave him all the details he wanted to know with one condition that he wouldn’t dare to ask again. we agreed on those terms. That same night I also confessed that my first bf raped me (know in jail) he asked how it happened as hard as it was I spoke out. I used to sleep naked who doesn’t? My first boyfriend thought I was talking to one of my boy bfs through fb he read the message and would stalk me like a psychopath managed to come to my house in the middle of the night knock on my window and tormented to shoot my window if I didn’t open it, so I did. That’s where it happened. I explained to him how my relationship was. I have my fiancé details he listened . That same night he began comparing and asking more questions, questioning and compacting again. Now I think I made a mistake by telling my fiancé all of my past s** life? when we used to have s** before it was boring and quick only to his pleasure. It was as if I had to tell him what he didn’t want to know or hear. The same night we had that talk he came on to me with energy and passion as if he was turned on or jealous or appreciative that he was f****** me. During intimacy he became aggressive and pulled my hair but I liked it. When I realized he was upset and being too aggressive I pleaded for him to stop and he didn’t. He kept going until he cummed. My brain was somewhere else and my body was out of proportion. Did I just get raped by my fiancé? What did I do wrong? He’s become jealous manipulative in less than 72 hours! Constantly wanting to have intercourse when I say no he compares and brings up my past what he said he wouldn’t do. But I never questioned his past of that I know of or compare. When I don’t want to give him oral he says how many guys blah blah blah. So to shut him up I do as he says. I love this man so much but his ways are changing and I’m scared it can be worser. Any thoughts advice on how to perceive this. Is it okay to talk about your past sexual relationships ? Should I have stood quiet and not brought up my past. HELP!!!!


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  • It will only get worse. Tell him you’ve moved on and if he wants to keep you he’d better get his s*** together and grow the f*** up. He’s seems like a pathetic little b**** and he’ll use it against you more and more until he loses you.

  • You can't undo telling someone about past s** life so don't do it in the future. Those questions usually don't end well. Your BF hate f****** e d you. He is an insecure little boy.

  • He is turned on by your s** life. He wants to be a chuck.

  • If you love that man like you say you do you would t let him do the things he does to you during intimacy. Intimacy is a special thing between to people and connection. It’s ones sanity. Let him known of the way you feel and towards the treatments he’s been giving you lately during intercourse. I think I’m all honesty is huhs we tend to get possessive at some point in the relationship or marriage. If we weren’t sensual or caring before after a certain point it hits us and we become a different person wether sexual or physical and emotional we tend to cling too deeply. When we give in to the woman we fall in love with we don’t give in too quickly or let y’all become too comfortable. Maybe he’s just a bit jealous. Aggressive in the bedroom says it all. If anything it might spice things up in the bedroom. Give it a try but talk to him about his actions first. Ya men love to be told to work for something. Even if it means getting laid

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