Accidental On Purpose Pregnancy

I purposely got pregnant... i wanted a BABY so bad so i devised the perfect plan... i started taking FertilAid pills to increase my chances of conceiving sooner in case i couldn't keep him around long enough to get prego... the next time i started sleeping with a man, weather he was my bf or not, i would pretend i was on bcps... so i met this guy that was well off with a good paying job (so i could trap him into paying child support) and who already had one kid (so i could make sure he was already a good dad and so my kid could have a brother) and i started having s** with him... i made sure to pretend i was taking bcps... i even got real bcps and took one out of the pack each day and flushed it down the toilet when he wasn't there and left the pack on the counter to falsely reassure him that i was taking them... so after 2 months of having s** with him a whole bunch, i got prego! so i told him i was prego and that i was keeping the BABY... he wanted me to get an abortion but i told him i would never do that so he left me... but i didn't care cuz i just wanted to use him to make my BABY and for child support and so he could be a father to my kid... so now i have an awesome son and he is paying around 600 per month in child support plus half of the daycare expenses... hahaha and he is a good day to my kid! i got what i wanted! thats what men get by not asking me to marry them... muah ha ha ha ha... paybacks a b*tch!

Nov 22, 2012

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  • You're just one big c*** now after that baby stretched it

  • This is why murder suicides happen lol

  • Fake b****

  • My ex did that to an old man. Dumped me cus i wasn't rich enough. He married her and then abused her. She actually had enough nerve to phone me crying. But Hey not my problem. Last I saw of her she had a black eye.

  • Some men deserve it, some men don't. It would be sad if he is the kind who does not. It is very miserable to make innocents pay for the crimes of others. Besides that, there are users of all kinds. This is no worse than men who use women for s** making false promises of commitment, this is a women using a man for reproduction while making false promises of "just s**". I hope he was not one of the good ones...

  • I think this is a false or made up confession. But if true, look at it this way,you got what you wanted and he is paying a reasonable sum of money. It sounds like you could not have taken care of a kid on your own paycheck. The guy could kill himself, or die somehow, and you will have no more money coming and you have to raise the boy on your own sweat and public assistance. The boy could grow up and ask you how he got created and you will lie to him.The dad may tell him the truth and the boy will hate you forever. The boy could turn out to have emotional problems and the cost of treating that is enormous. Psychologically,you are very bothered by this action.It will continue to haunt you for the rest of your life.You may have to stay single, since you say no man wants to ask you for your hand in marriage,since some guys could get a vibe that you want to trap them and s**** their life up.
    You are robbing his other son.He could have taken care of his other son better financially and otherwise had you not trapped him.
    What do you mean the guy is a good day to your son? Did you mean a good dad?
    A young lady did me like that and we have two kids.I took a case to court and fought hard.I got joint custody and we share the kids on an equal time.I don't pay a dime in child support and she hates me for that.I am not sure why your baby dad pays so much,it may change one day.
    I don't wish you or any of the people involved bad,I just know that there are consequences.Don't think you won't be paid back.I work at children and adolescent hospital in a psychiatric unit.I have very intimate knowledge of what could happen in a situation like that.Good luck,enjoy the paycheck from your son'd dad.

  • My hero

  • Troll den.

  • And why the h*** are people commending her for this?? Sure, men use women, but for s**--not to mother their children. My goodness! And regardless, does the history of men using women in general make it right for this particular woman to victimize this particular man--let alone their child??

    __Girl Poster

  • I feel so bad for that guy. He is probably devastated at how this part of his life turned out, wondering how he ended up being unlucky enough to father another child accidentally and--wow--he doesn't even know it's not his fault. I don't even know what to say...There are lifetime consequences here for both the father and your SON!! It's not even the fact that you didn't care enough about this man to consider his rights or needs, but you didn't even care enough about your SON to at least give it a fighting chance to have a father. Nothing wrong with single parenthood--let's be clear, but it often happens out of informed choice (donor) or out of unfortunate circumstance. My God, someone help you for being so selfish!!
    __Girl Poster btw

  • Go kill yourself you stupid w****.

  • Why would you do that?that's wrong!

  • WTF???you are such a lowlife dirty piece of trash to steal someones life away like that. What on earth is wrong with the likes of you and your supporters on here??? I seen many like you and the thing is that they never stop..until they get "fixed" like a dog... you will probably have two or three more...from different fathers and they will have different names..and feel like worthless kids and be called bastards etc. You are such a loser...and cant stand up on your own two feet and be disgust me and for the men who are praising you for doing guys are losers and I might even say kinda goofy to enjoy this sort of thing. This lowlife trash has stolen this guys deciet and fathered a b****** child. I have to laugh think its funny to be a lowlife scumbag...I bet your home is dirty and filthy..just like your personality!!

  • You are so right that is the absolute perfect plan and i love it and i may even use it myself. do you mind?

  • he totally should of left his wife for you.

  • the guy is an idiot for not marrying you even if you had told him what was up. how could a guy not want to be with somebody so hot as you are? i mean s*** he would have to be brain dead. i dont even know you and i want to marry you.

  • I think you must be the hottest piece of ass on the planet and I so totally want you!

  • If it had been me, I would have TOTALLY left my wife and married you, because you are so AMAZINGLY sexy! In fact, I might even leave my wife NOW and marry you anyways, even though the child belongs to the other guy. We would just tell him that you were afraid to be truthful at first because you didn't want to wreck my marriage and my family, but then when you finally told me the truth I insisted that you marry me and that we be a family and raise the child together. I have never, ever, EVER known anybody half as sexy as you! CHRIST!!!

  • this is damn sexy! damn!!!!

  • Jesus, you are one severely hot woman! I think I love you!!

  • Right on, sister! Men have been using women for FAR worse things throughout history and it's time we started playing the f****** game by their f****** rules! I absolutely LOVE what you did and the way you did it and how incredibly smart you were about the whole thing, planning it all right from the start and all the way through. You should start a website to encourage other girls your age to do what you did and to give them tips and pointers and plans. YOU ROCK!!!

  • i really dont care at all what those other asshats said about you i think what you did was beautiful and courageous and motherly. and unbelievably sexy. really totally unbelievably sexy. they talk about you like your the only woman who ever tricked a man or ever trapped a man when that s*** has been happening since the begining of time. plus it seems to me that if your baby daddy ever found out what you did he would be mad at first but then he would realize that you could of picked anybody but you picked him and i think he would come back to you and want to be with you because its love in its own way. i got pregnant when i was 16 from a guy who was lots older and was with another woman his own age and even though i wanted to keep my baby my parents presured me to abort and i did it but i hated to. i wish now i would of kept it after reading your confssion and i even wish i could of been as smart and as sexy as you are. you are a hero. no matter what those other stupid s**** say to you.

  • You're a disgusting piece of trash but worse than that......I feel so sorry for your kid, inheriting a w**** mom like you.

  • That is NOT the perfect plan! A perfect plan would be... get married then have a baby or at least have a man support your decision together as a family! Not no money grubbing ho! You a piece of s*** because you don't have any remorse for your actions! You should be ashamed of your self!You are the type of mother who don't deserve their child! To bad that man dose not know what you did because if he did and was like me I would fight for full rights and have yours banned!You are an insult to women mothers and the whole human race!

  • Too bad you're not awesome. You are clearly one of the main reasons why it should required to attain a license to be a parent. You are an unstable and a f****** whack job. Anyone who would think that way and plot to have a baby like that is f****** off their rocker. The only people in this scenario who have any ounce of integrity is the guy you deceived and the child that was unfortunately conceived. Even the father to your child doesn't want you. LOL! That's the f****** funniest part. You're a poor excuse for a mother and a human being. One day your kid will grow up and realize what a f****** crazy b**** he has a for mother and move away from you and never speak to you again. That's what you deserve. Your child should be taken away from you. He deserves a better mother. Poor kid. He'll have no chance in life because his mother is f***** up!

  • Yah pay backs a b**** and so are you! Karma is also a b**** and it will bite you on your ass! Hope he becomes wise to your plan and sues you for manuplaiting him no man or woman deserves to be used!I hate people like you who thinks having babies is a way to trap a guy for any pourpose!

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