Possible Divorce due to addiction to Weed

I have been smoking weed since i was 15. i am now 32 married with 3 beutiful boys. My husband has caught me in th past and just recently again. we come from consevative familys. He has had enough and talks about divorce and taking the kids. He says he is tired of the lying and says i am breaking up our marriage and family. He has given me several chances. i would stop for a couple of months then crave it and go right back. He has caught me about 7 times in our 11 years of marriage. i think this is it i have been having thoughts of suicide but am not strong enough to do it. i love my family and think they deserve better. i am a bad wife and mother because of my habit. i do not know what to tell my husband for him to forgive me. He says he is tired of it and has heard it all befor. Help what can i do.

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  • Are you freaking kidding me? As long as you take care of home, there is no reason you shouldn't be able to smoke pot. It's the same f****** thing as having a glass of wine at night after the kids are in bed...SORRY! He is the one breaking up your marraige. Not you. If you are not a "stoner" and sit around zoned out all day...I don't see what the problem is. And for him to make you feel like your only option is to end your life...well that's f***** up and you should leave that toxic marraige. My husband probably wishes I smoked pot to mellow my ass down!

  • You need to get help, they have places where you can go to get help, think about your husband and your children, do you really want to give them up for weed or any other drugs, they have hot line where you can call to get help, please call okay,

  • You are a bad mother because you smoke weed. It is irresponsible and reckless when you have children to look after. He does right to leave you. Do you think your children want a pothead for a mother? What an embarrassment.

  • Does your husband and family drink ? You are not a bad wife and mother just because you smoke weed. My wife takes a couple tokes at night to unwind. I don't smoke it but If it helps her relax I am all for it. Good luck !

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