I like stealing stuff at school

Today i had to stay afta school cause I blabbed too much in Mrs O'Briens dumb history class. She got a call from the principle and left the rooom. I went into her desk when she gone and took change and some nice pens out of the desk. She don't know, ha,ha.

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  • Good for you I dropped out of High school because of a******* like her.

  • If she was a mean teacher, I wouldn't feel bad for it.
    Then again... Double vice versa.

  • Cool, good move on your part. you turned staying after into a good thing. you won !!!! and dont worry. no gay ass teacher is gonna beat you up. any guy who picks teaching as a job is gay anyway.

  • I am a teacher and if I caught you doing that s*** I would beat the crap out of you. I don't believe in bullshit time outs or stay after school nonsense. A good beating if far more effective, Punk!

  • Duh. She will figure it out. Then what will you do, huh?

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