What am I?

After writing it out on another site i realize that bottom line is i was molested which caused me to molest two others(14+ years ago). I thought it was the norm and there was no intercourse involved. but i had some sort of relations with two female cousins(i am male) and i am VERY conflicted now. Not conflicted because it may be wrong(because NOW I know it was) but I don't know how to fix it. They will never lead a normal life and i am responsible as was somebody else for me. Additionally i dont want to be judged as I am obviously a coward for confessing anonymously. I know there is no way to fix it but i think it is the leading factor for my alcoholism. Where do i go from here?0

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  • What are you? You are human and hurting. Where do you go? Find help. You have to begin to fix you, before you can fix anyone or anything else. You're making a courageous first step. Contact rainn.org, that would be a good first step. Or find a rehab facility that deals with addiction and sexual abuse. Best wishes to you. It's time to let go and process what's happened and start living your life to the fullest.

  • I agree:) Good advice!!

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