I hate living here.

The only reason I still stay in this house is for financial reasons. Dad, you NEVER stand up for me. Mom, you expect too much from me and Dad, and your mood swings p*** us ALL off. I'm also sick of you two taking out your anger on me. Sis, stop snapping at me, and maybe I won't snap back at you every time.

I'm sick of you all telling me I need to leave, then the next day saying I should stay. I never leave my room because I can't hold a conversation without any of us getting into a argument,in which Mom starts half the time. Wonder why I stay in the library till 11pm? Cause I hate coming home!

You all keep telling me to act like a adult, but you always treat me like a kid and talk down to me.

Furthermore, if you ask me to clean something, watch me do it, and tell flat out to my face I didn't do it, then you f****** clean it. Because I'm not seeing these grim and stains on perfectly clean countertops and tubs.

Also, when you yell at me because I don't know how to do something, it's because YOU never taught me how to do it in the first place!

Or when I try to help you with something, and you get p***** at me and tell me I'm in the way, only to turn around and tell another that I never do anything P***** ME OFF.

It's not that I hate you all. I love you, your my family. But you all make it so hard just to be with you.

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