Sorry that I'm completely nuts.

Yes, I know I'm completely insane and stupid and whatever, you don't need to point it out in the comments.
& this will come off as racist but I don't give a f*** at all. I honestly don't give a f*** at all about the negative things you think, because if you think negatively about someone's opinion, then you're an ignorant little f*** who is not worth my time.
I just wish that the Nazis won WWII.
Minus the Holocaust. That's their only flaw.
Our world would be a much better place to live in.
We would have a better government.
Everybody would live in the glory of the Third Reich, defending our country with our very last breath. Not many people would defend their own country like that. I live in the United States & never before have I seen such intense nationalism as I have seen in N*** Germany.
Adolf Hitler was a better politician than a lot of people in the US government.
They only wanted what was best for their people. The Nazis did everything they could to make sure that their country was perfect. And then the British and the French just barge in and declare war just because they invaded Poland.
It would be perfect.
I don't belong here, in 2013.
I belong in N*** Germany.
I need help.
Someone help me before I kill myself about this.

Jan 3, 2013

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  • The Nazis were socialists who did not believe in freedom or liberty. They were fascist - they wanted the state to control society. Not too different from communism, but not as controlled. Hitler and the Nazis were tyrants. They fooled their own people into believing in something more than themselves all for the purpose of bringing Hitler more personal power and glory. It was a bullshit, evil plan, and that's why it didn't work. And that's why Bush & Obama's plan won't work - it's fascism. If you want a fascist country, keep voting Republican and Democrat. If you want freedom, start voting Libertarian. Freedom is what it is - at N*** Germany was the antithesis of freedom. You, sir, are a slave.

  • Sorry pal I advocate for freedom here... so... Nah, in n*** germany you'd probably be sent to a psycho already...

  • I'll help you...I'll hand you a knife to cut your own throat with. I hope you are never allowed to breed, although, with that mindset, I doubt you ever will.

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