Aint no sunshine when hes gonee!!

Helllo!! Im a 20 year old female. Fairly good looking I think. Anyways, I have been with my boyfriend Michael for almost 4 years now. I love him to death and would do anything for him. I havent had s** with anyone besides him in 4 years. hes my everything. anyway. He smokes alot of weed so every now an then he cant get hard. ANYWAY. His best friend dustin came over a few nights ago. Dustin is very f***** good looking and I confess Ive touched myself to his face. UGH so sexy. Well mike went up to the store, dustin was there I rolled his blunt. and all of a sudden he starts kissin me. So I said no im sorry I cant got up. went to the bathroom came right back and tackled him. started kissing ALL over him. rubbin on his d*** givin him the best head hes ever had. The adrenaline thrill was amazing and the s** was so good. He came. I was getting my clothes on. Boyfriend mike walks in. we pretended like nothing happened and continued to smoke this good ass blunt. s** was good. might happen again, the end.

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