I’ve been having s** with a married

I’ve been having s** with a married woman without her husband’s knowledge. It’s been going on for years,and he has no clue. It’s to the point that we have elevated into intermediate sexual practices, such as ass whippings, skull f****, and object insertions.

There was a part of me that felt bad for her husband for a long time. Then as time went by, I began to see him as a witless fool. If he really loved his wife and were in tune with her emotions, he’d know something was wrong. Not to mention that when he puts his d*** in her, her hole is easily a gaping 4 times bigger after years of abuse from my c***.

I entertain savage fantasies of f****** her in front of him, or creating a situation to where he might “accidentally” walk in and catch my peter in her jaw. That’s because he’s a dumb f*** who doesn’t have a clue. I guess I would enjoy some sort of satisfaction derived from the fact that he suspects I’m nailing his woman. But he’s so f****** stupid, he doesn’t even have a clue. I even made her come over one day dressed in her wedding attire from their big day. I f***** her doggy style in the dress from THEIR wedding, and enjoyed every last second. I smeared my c*** all over her dress just to soak in the smell of meat. Anything to get this dumb son of a b**** to catch a clue.

I’ve met her in motels, spanked her ass with belts, crammed my d*** in her mouth at ungodly speeds of light, and even began sharing her with a few friends. She enjoys being dominated and called a “F*** Pig”.

How’s that for the most genuine, honest confession your website will EVER see?

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  • When my f**** other men she give herself totally to themfor what ever, then she tells me , we both love it, so glad for hard cocked horney men.

  • Are you proud of yourself? Is this the legacy you want to leave? I can just see them recounting your conquest at your funeral, honoring you for being such a humanitarian. Good job to another upstanding citizen.

  • I had a similar situation with a married girl myself.
    We didn't get into the whipping and sado-masochistic thing, but we did everything else you can imagine.
    He husband used to go out with his friends on Friday night, get drunk, come home and pass out on the bed.
    We used to sneak into the house after he was asleep and f*** on the bed right next to him.
    I even put his pillow under her ass so I could get in deeper.
    It was great.

  • Amen.
    She's using you, a******. She won't even entertain the idea of leaving her husband because she doesn't think you're worth it.

  • Can i f*** this b**** too ?

  • Do you pull wings off flies too?

  • L****

  • Yea, the woman just uses u for s** or the husband is well aware of what a "f*** pig" her wife really is and just doesnt give a s*** and his having his own fun or just dont want to go through the divorce arrangements. You dont sound the brightest guy yourself with how you "entertain" yourself. You'd think its easy after you sell your soul but you'll still burn u pitiful piece of s***.

  • You mean "his" wife?

  • She's using you, a******. She won't even entertain the idea of leaving her husband because she doesn't think you're worth it.

  • Amen.

  • I agree. You are the idiot dipstick. Has it ever occured to you that maybe he is doing his thing on the side as well. And maybe he doesn't care. Plus you don't know what she is telling him behind your back. I hope this w**** is worth it in the end because payback is going to be a .....

  • Well I am not sure who the dumb f*** is here, him ,you or her?
    How is he dumb if he does not know and likly trusts her. Seems to me she is the dumb f*** and you are the a******. If he finds out you never know what may occur, maybe he comes after you looking for total revenge.
    Now you say you are sharing her...it is likely now with more people knowing that the word will get out to him.
    So who is really the Dumb one here...You and Her LOL

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