Meaningless Crush for almost 2 years.

I am in love with a girl that is one year younger than me in school, I have added her on facebook as it was the only way I can pick up my courage to talk to her.
Although I messaged her, but she won't even reply my message, and for the first time she replied my message, I jumped up so happily. But, after that, I told her I would wave to her in school so that she would know who I am. But, for being an introvert, I didn't do that.
Time went on, and I began to give up.
She didn't reply my message on facebook anymore, and the feeling of looking at all my messages instead of her's, I didn't message her anymore. I'm scared that I will give her a bad impression, and I'm also scared that she will think that I am too clingy.
Then, I began to lead my life as usual, avoiding walking past her class in school. And, since she doesn't know how I looks like, I have no problem walking by her as a senior.
Soon, I found out that she had a boyfriend already, and I know that this is a meaningless crush.

What should I do?
I'm so confused, how the h*** do I get myself into this state when I haven't even spoke to her once in real life?
Is this a joke?
Or, to be exact, am I a joke?


Jan 15, 2013

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  • You're not a joke. You just sound like a shy guy, and nothing is wrong with that. Crushes are fun, not meaningless. They make your heart skip a beat. So not every crush turns out to be someone who you date, that's okay. Life goes on. There are probably tons of other girls in your school who would jump at the chance to go out with you. There are probably some you may be overlooking. And don't beat yourself up about not pursuing her more. If you're a senior, you will be going to college soon..there will be plenty more opportunities to ask women out and develop your game.

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