I dont know why I come here to write my little troubles. I guess cause I aint got no other place to write. Im not going to post it on facebook for sure. I do it to relieve myself emotionally. I guess once you say some things, youu get some sort of closure.
Today Im in a good spirits. Im finishing my essay that Im due in 5 days. I will have time for feedback even. Nice.
An old friend remembered me. We used to kiss on the top of the most glamorous club in the US. I cut all the contacts to him and that life long ago, but he found me somehow, what does he want? :) Thats also nice.
But thats not the topic of our discussion today. Its him, the guy who rules my mind lately. He is away in his little magical world with his new gf that he has recently fallen in love with. I bet its an epic little story. Sometimes he misses me so he tries to keep me in at least little part of his life. I know that. Why would he call otherwise?
I know that if am happy and away with someone I have no wish to call anyone else. If I do call its because something is missing in that story. So till he stops calling me I will believe that there is still something about me that he needs. I guess, I hope.
So far, Im making a progress in forgetting about him. Hopefully soon I will be able to put it behind and move one like I did so many times before. I know I can. When that happens it will be epic. (I now realize this txt of mine is so positive thinking. Im gonna read it frequently whenever I feel down. I hope it will be able to set me in good mood, just the way I feel now)

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  • What is this? Fake ad day? All of the new postings are tedious attempts at trolling. Get a life.

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