I demand a boycott of sherry cooking wine in all of canada

I want the Police of Canada to listen up,i want the Government of Canda to listen to me really carefully.you can no longer ignore the facts of sherry cooking wine,or you know it better as 74 sherry wine,or 74 sherry porter wine.i want to to stop all sales of this real bad alcohol in all Government Liquor stores,and while you are at it,stop and boycott all the sales of 74 sherry cooking wine in all privately owned Liquor stores as well.this sherry cooking wine is a really bad alcohol in Canada,it is bad for a persons health.it can kill somebody real slowly and painfully.it is really bad for somebody that is addicted to getting really drunk on it.the Police of Canada can no longer ignore the facts about sherry cooking wine in Canada,it is really bad substance abuse for the people in the confederation of Canada.what you do not know about 74 sherry cooking wine is that it is 20 percent alcohol,but that is just the start of the bad news,it is also an overdose of the secret narcotic drug known as Ibuprofen,what is Ibuprofen.it is a drug that should not be in alcohol such as 74 sherry cooking wine.Ibuprofen is a drug that should not be in 74 sherry cooking wine,Ibuprofen in 74 sherry cooking wine is really bad.people that buy 74 sherry cooking wine in Canada,are people that are addicted to it,why are they addicted,it is because of the drug Ibuprofen in 74 sherry cooking wine.and much bader news is,that these people make the 74 sherry cooking wine last much longer than they should.for a small bottle of 74 sherry wine,they take an Empty bottle of 74 wine,and they fill it up with 50 percent of water in the empty bottle of 74 sherry wine,and they take a full(big or small)bottle of 74 sherry wine,and they pour 50 percent of that sherry wine into the bottle with the 50 percent water.so they can more 74 sherry to drink later,so they can get even drunker,and stay drunker for a longer period of time.i want this alcohol banned in Canada.i know its a free country,but alcohol abuse like that should not be permitted or tolerated in our great country of Canada.and whats more,these drunks are killing themselves with this bad alcohol abuse known as 74 sherry cooking wine,or all kinds of sherry cooking wine.i will not tolerate this kind of substance abuse in Canada any more.i want the Government of Canada to ban 74 sherry cooking wine from all Liquor stores in Canada by the end of fall time in 2015,and while you are at it,ban and boycott all brands of sherry cooking wine in Canada.just ban it and make it a crime to even drink it in canda.i know its just a alcohol in Canada.but its really bad for a persons health,Please Police of Canada,Please Government of Canada,please do not ignore the facts about sherry cooking wine any longer.please ban sherry cooking wine in Canada forever.please do it to show that you care for all Canadians to live a happy life,please do it,because its the right thing to do.

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  • Omg, I can't believe I found this. My son was given cooking sherry wine by an older ex friend of his: he doesn't remember what happened after; but he walked out of my house in a trancelike state, I guess he took my car keys; hit a telephone pole with my car; totalled it and doesn't remember a damn thing! I wonder if kids drink this stuff more than parents know?

  • Are you the same person who "demands" xbox one downloads and anime or whatever on this site? Who are you expecting to contact when making these posts? Do you seriously think Sony, Microsoft, and the canadian government are reading this blog and taking people's random appeals seriously? LOL. The autism is strong.

    also, Ibuprofen is not a "secret narcotic drug" nor is it addictive, it's a f****** painkiller, and an extremely mild one at that.

  • I am just a person who has witnessed the self destruction nature of a person who drinks too much sherry cooking wine such as the brand of 74 sherry on the market of beer and liquor.you have never witnessed the self destruction nature of a addiction to a bad alcohol such as sherry cooking wine,have you???????.please if you have ever witnessed how much self destrction that sherry cooking wine can or does to the human body.please tell me now,tell me everything you know about sherry cooking wine.you do not know this about 74 sherry,Ibuprofen is a drug,it is a pain killer,not a narcotic.but it should not be in sherry cooking wine.why should it not be in sherry cooking wine,i will tell you everything i know,Prescription drug abuse,what happens when you mix Ibuprofen with another drug such as Tylenol or better known as Acetaminophen,or if you mix Ibuprofen with another drug such as Aspirin or better known as Acetylsalicylic acid.you overdose,you destroy your liver,you destroy your mind,you do not think straight,you are drunk all the time,because your body is trying to get rid of all the drugs in your body,but it cannot at all,because 74 sherry is overdosed with ibuprofen.you die a slow death because of this bad addiction to 74 sherry cooking wine.every time you pass out from a long day of drinking sherry cooking wine,you are overdosed with ibuprofen,and all that overdose of Ibuprofen and Tylenol and Aspirin,will and does destroy your liver is a slow and painful manner,and not to mention all the other drugs and alcohol that you have in your body.and nobody,and i mean nobody comes to help you,when you are drunk and passed out from all the booze and sherry wine and drugs in your body.because the person that is drunk is cold blooded and sooo f***ing uncaring,that no one cares if he or she is alive or dead in the morning.this is the last time i am ever going to reply to you,unless you support my statement about what 74 sherry cooking wine is all about,i am going back to gaming.

  • Ibuprofen - are you kidding me? You are one f****** idiot. For one thing Ibuprofen is not secret and secondly it is not a narcotic. Go play with the traffic idiot and do us all a favor.

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