Fed up of backward people from 1st world countries.

I'm fed up of people who still think Africa is a backward continent and that everyone is too poor and at their mercy.
It is 2013 not 1890. Yea, there are backward parts but if someone can speak English and use a computer, then they are not begging for scraps.
Many people in the states probably have more than one job so that they can make ends meet and pay bills, insurance, and all that crap u guys pay 4. in the end u have barely saved a penny.
Am 23 and in my final year at university here in Uganda. we are 9 children and am the last born but we have been given a life many of you would envy. I have met many other people who have had amazing lives and are African. We are proud to be who we are and no one can put us down.

The a****** who says we receive computers from your church, those things go to government funded primary schools with free education. I personally own 4 laptops, I do not know why i need all 4 but ma parents bought them. I never worry about my internet connection.

The next time u look yourself in the mirror, think of how broke you are and that being a citizen of a first world country doesn't make you rich just as being a citizen of a third world country doesn't make me poor.

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  • Now thats some stupidity you just puked ther, you are now behaving just like the poeple you despising. So why dont you give one computer to some one who needs it since youhave four and you dont know why? Life is still ahead of you my friend so dont count you cheeks yet. But you are correct about premitive poeple who think Africa is still in medivial. But really boasting about four computers and speaking English is just stupid for a last year university student. How many of your countryman are leaving in poverty or maybe close family? Im sure its only a few, now when you fininsh your degree be a good ambasodor of goodwill to your country and dont be the only one with four computers. Start by giving away two you have now and change some ones life and future.

  • "How many of your countryman are leaving in poverty or maybe close family?" ~ It is LIVING NOT LEAVING......

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