My secret

I am a 55 year old mother of three kids. My youngest is 29 so all are grown. There is nothing about our family that would stand out I think. We are the normal older couple next door. So what is the big secret? My husband is really my brother. We have been together all our lives and started out when I was 8 and him 10. We had s** for the first time when I was 10 and have been together ever since. I got pregnant when I was 16 and we moved away from our town and started living as a couple and have been that way ever since. Our kids are all perfectly healthy and normal and there is no way that if you were not one of our close friends and knew our story that you would think anything was different. I love my brother and would not do anything different. So next time you think incest is rare or gross or any of that stuff you might be surprised how common it is.


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  • S** has no label or explanation. it occupy the mind. there are days when i feel that i can't work without doing it multiple times. I don't know why.

  • Why not begin afresh with the son/s?

  • Got my sister pregnant at 11. Was not the pretty picture everybody describes. If you really cant help yourselves, at least keep it safe.

  • My sister and I have a child, and once she turned eighteen, I also started having s** with her.

  • If you love someone you should make love to them only if they want to cuz only rape is bad not incest.

  • I totally agree.. mutual intimacy should never be looked down upon.. no deeper love than between family members

  • S** should be taught in the family my parents use to call me in to watch them have s** so I would know what it was all about I had my first s** with my mother when I was 16 my father present, there is more but it is shocking and don't know weather to tell ?

  • No, s** should be taught in schools, optionally by the parents if the they all agree to do it, or some of them. Options should always be available

  • Yeah of corse you love him he's you brother but what you don't understand is that your not meant to do that with him

  • Says who? you and your unreal religion/God? It's about reality. If deformities will form then is bad, otherwise it's OK, and they do, eventually, might not be in the first generation but on second and further, even if the children later marry not blood related people

  • Who says incest isn't meant to be? Many people feel it is meant to be.

  • Genetics, deformities, that accentuate horribly as generations go, really bad

  • I don't agree with you. I've had s** with my mom and my sister. It hasn't caused any harm at all.

  • Until you decide to make children, they will be deformed severely probably, might not be apparent, but genetically and internally their body will have deformities

  • There is increased risk, but it's very far from a guarantee

  • I saw your post here and I just had to let you know you are certainly not alone. My mother and I have had a sexual relationship for about 16 years now. It began when I was 28 and she was 49, when my step father was dying of cancer; my real father died long ago.
    I was home visiting for Thanksgiving for a week, when it initially started, and for the duration of my visit we could hardly keep our hands off each other. Things progressed very quickly between us, and by the time I had to leave for home out of state, we had decided we did not want happened between us to end.
    I moved back home about a week later at no fault of my own, and we spent the better part of 5 years living as a couple. Of course we kept this all under the radar by portraying ourselves as a son living with his mother, and did rather well at hiding It from family and friends.
    Although I did have to move into my own place after a while to curb any suspicions, the only thing that changed was we would alternate staying at each other's places. We share a love, and bond that transcends any typical love most people experience in life. I am not advocating for incest, but people should know, most of us in these types of relationships are not all bad. As a matter of fact outside of any age gap, most people would never know we were mother and son unless you knew about us.

  • I'm a petite, average-looking woman of 39. I first had s** with my son when he was 13. I had been divorced for 2 years and had been without s** since before his father left me for a much younger woman. I taught him everything I knew, including oral s**. I just love the taste of his warm, creamy s****. S** with my son. who is 19 now, is just fantastic and he can't get enough of me. Consensual incest is legal in many countries in the West. It should be legal everywhere. There are several relationships, such as homosexuality and s** between Blacks and wWhites, that I find abnormal but I would never want thyem banned. The thrill of knowing that I'm having incest is sometimes enough to give me multiple o******. Every woman should try it.

  • Abnormal homosexuality and interracial? well those don't produce genetic and physical deformities as incest to, and probably backwards thinking like yours. Plus, homosexuality is about 10% in most vertebrate animals in many species, incest produce deformities in all species, get the point? Interracial is even better, makes resulting individuals stronger and more beautiful as characteristics add up

  • I agree that incest should be legal everywhere.

  • Just read your incest confession and i think it's a beautiful thing. I have my own true experience with family members that started over 30yrs ago and i recently added another family member. My first experience was with my 2 cousins that are sisters, my 2nd was with my sister and my most recent is my gorgeous stepdaughter. Consensual incest among family is a true loving family. Nothing brings a family closer. I'd love to share and know more about you and your relationship so, if you are interested in chatting, just message me or contact me at Hope to hear from you soon

  • That's very interesting, I would love to know more. I have been intimate with 2 of my sisters, my sisters father, my aunt and her son.

  • That is just so sick and sad should be on jerry springer.

  • The youngest is my daughter, not my son. He is the middle. They all 3 know about us. It was my oldest daughter that figured out she only had one grandparent. She was 14 at the time. 2 out of the 3 are fine with it and my youngest is apt to introduce me to her friends as her Aunt as a joke about it. My father died when I was 3 and so it was only my mother. She eventually got over it and became just grandma but it took time.

  • I started f****** my sister when she was 10 I was 12 and I didn't get her cherry. My older brother did a few weeks before. And the thing is she asked him to do it to her. I know I was there when she asked him. Anyway my wife lost her cherry to her brother when she was 9. We both still f*** our sibs at times. Family s** isn't cheating as far as we are concerned.

  • I agree. I started having time with my sisters when I was 8 and they were 9 and 12. We still have s** to this day. I don’t believe it’s cheating at all

  • What was s** like for your sister and wife at ages 10 and 9 respectively? Were they feeling actual sexual desire, or just curiosity? Were they physically mature enough to be starting to show b****** and/or pubic hair? Were they wet enough inside for your and your brother’s penises and your wife’s brother’s p**** (respectively) to go in comfortably? And did they have any difficulty accommodating the size of those penises?

  • As usual, comments are on a religious note. I don't care what religion teaches. I had s** with my sister for 14 years, before she married someone else. It was good for both of us and I wouldn't exchange it for anything else. We didn't have any kids, because we were careful. I wouldn't recommend it for eveeryone, but I know it is a common thing

  • My daughter is a nun. When she visits me, we go to bed together and I get rid of her pent up frustrations by bonking her as hard as I used to when she was a kid.

  • This turns me on

  • My sister and I have a daughter.
    She has a lazy eye...but we got that treated.
    Now I'm a grandpa :)

  • Bullshit. You said you are 55 with a 29yr old son, but you got pregnant at the maths you stupid s***.

  • Dumbass! Their youngest child is 29!

  • Learn how to read before trying to call someone out. She was first pregnant at 16 and has three kids. Her youngest child is 29. Now who is the stupid s***??

  • Youngest is 29. read correctly dumbass

  • That is he youngest idiot. So don't bullshit her bullshit yourself.

  • U are the dum ass,u might not know what to do if u even got a h****** ass.

  • Actually you're the stupid one because she says their youngest is 29 and that they have two others who are older. Read more carefully before you start slinging insults

  • Can you tell us who knows about you relationship. Do your children know? So you both broke away from your parents?

  • Its still a sin.(No matter how "common" it is - the old "everyone's doing it" argument does not justify it, or make it any less sinful".

  • Tell us exactly where in the bible it is said that it's a sin. Even the 10 commandments say nothing about incest beign wrong.

  • Sin? Wtf? Are you living in the middle ages? You probably believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and fairy tales too.

  • God aint real bìtch

  • B**** calm the f*** down I bet you believe in that crap to so I wouldn't be talking u stupid s***

  • Judging others is a sin, too. And it makes you a hypocrite.

    As for the Original Poster, thank you for having the courage to confess and share an amazing, and deeply intriguing secret.

  • You don't know the difference between judgement and rebuke my friend. Your eternal destiny, and hers hangs in the balance. I'm giving the original poster a friendly, gracious warning. I am pointing her to eternal life in Jesus Christ. You're just venting. Please get to a Bible study as soon as possible. I'm serious when I say that H*** is real, and so is Heaven. If you don't go to one, you go to the other. Only the pure in heart shall see God. No hard feelings, friend. I'm just treating you the way I would want to be treated in your position.

  • No one is,pure of heart.Because no one is; pure of mind,pure of thoughts.

  • So tell what is your difference between judgement and rebuke? help me to understand your logic better and did you know that nowhere in the bible is a h*** ever mentioned, so how would you know that h*** is real?

  • Dumbass the person posts as anonymous there's no confidence if it's essentially a nobody posting. Anyway cool story OP (not sarcasm) I just hope you and your incestuous, brother/husband continue to live happily (h*** you made it this far).

  • Read about son sleeping with mother in papers, they were happy

  • Well here it goes. The real father of our 4 children is my wife's father. (my father in law). When we found out that I was infertile we chatted and talked it over again and agin. We both wanted a family and have children, I did not want IVF as I had seen what effect it can have on women where it fails. On day she confessed that she used to be her father's lover for many years and that both her mother and her three sisters knew. I wasn't even shocked, I was so turned on and I felt so happy that there was help and a solution close to home. He father is a successful businessman and whenever he came on business into our country and town where we lived he stayed with us.
    I talked with him and both my wife and I talked and subsequently the business trips and visits became more frequent and he "had" so be our guest for longer stretches of time and from then on we also were invited twice a year to join our in-laws when they went on holiday. All the time my wife was lovingly and regularly looked after by her dad and when on holiday we did not make great effortd to hide it from my wife's Mum, who knew about it and quite obviously did not mind. Over the next 8 years we welcomed 4 wonderful additions to our family, three girls and one boy, much to our joy and the joy of the entire family.

  • My sister and I began an intimate relationship when I was 11 and she was 13. We were finally caught by our mother five years later. She wasn't happy, but when she discovered that we had been lovers for 5 years, she gave us her okay as long as we didn't let anyone else discover us. We eventually married other people, but we continued our secret love affair. Two of her four children were conceived from our intimate affair. Our secret love affair is now going on 43 years strong and we always look forward to our special time together.

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