My nights.

I like to wake my boyfriend up with s**. He likes it too. I swear, im telling the truth 100%. Im 16 & he is 19 & we have our own apartment together. I love the way he looks when hes asleep. He looks so peacefull and vounerable. I love laying my head on his broad chest and putting my hand on his stomach, & then sliding it dowwwwn. I just have to put my hand on his d*** & he gets hard. I like to try & guess at what exact moment he wakes up. I like it when i KNOW he has to be awake at a certain point, but his eyes are still shut & its like he wants me to think he is still asleep to see what id do to him if i had the chance to have his body and do whatever i wanted to him without him knowing. He is like 9 inches long. Hes the only man ive ever been with, and we have been together for 2 years and are engaged and im pregnant, too. But that actually seems to make him hornier for me. He likes the fact that im pregnant. My due date is in 2 days, so i wont be pregnant for long though, and thank god gor that because i cant take it anymore! I want rough s** again. I wanna be able to lay on my stomach again if i want, or for him to be able to be on top without this huge belly in the way!! Our s** life is great. I love holding his hard d*** when he thinks i think he is sleeping. When he is at his hardest is the best. I wait for him to get rock hard before i continue with anything else. Then ill just roll on top and kiss his neck or take off his shirt and rub his chest and maaybe suck his d*** a little and then slip it in. Sometimes he wont open his eyes until its already in and im already bouncing.

He likes to choke me too, & pull my hair. I think its sexy, but honestly he doesnt choke me hard enough. Lol. I want it harder. Sometimes when his hand is wrapped around my throat i will wrap my hand around his and make squeeze his hand harder around my throat to tell him without words that thats what i want. One time i was f****** him and he was half asleep and drunk, & i was on top & his hand reached up for my throat and it was like he wanted to choke me but he wasnt all there so he kind of just held my throat. Haha. I like to put both of his hands up above his head and then bounce and watch his face. Or go slow while pinning down his hands so he begs for me to go harder or faster. :)
I dont think our s** life will stop when the baby comes. He only lasts max 5 minutes? So i dont see why i wouldnt be able to take 5 minutes from my day to please him.

Well the dr says s** can only help at this point- it brings on labor i guess. So im gunna go follor the drs orders and wake up daddy;)

Mar 21, 2013

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  • I never knew him. -op

  • Your daddy must not have loved you.

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